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Dystopian Legions - EotBS Ryuma Steambikes

Time to take a look at the next Dystopian Legions Wave 2 release-

Empire of the Blazing Sun - Ryuma Steambikes
Thanks to the Imperial Alchemical Institute, Samurai mounts are no longer mere horses, but the amazing Type 9 Ryuma Steambike. This extraordinary machine is held aloft by a tiny variant of the repulsine cells used in the Empire’s great gyros, and propelled at frightening speed by hissing jets of superheated steam. The steambikers lead Blazing Sun attacks, swooping down on the foe with bared blades and batteries of deadly Dragon’s Breath shotguns

Steam powered hoverbikes ridden by Samurai! Does a model get any more awesome than that?
The pic above show the usual high packaging standard of Spartan Game. High detailed renders taken from the actual model showing all the details with a contents list, fluff and everything you need.

In the box you get 2 Steambikes with steam effect stands, plastic bases, different bodies and different weapons.
Also included is an EoBS blank Activation Card, 2 Game Cards and a Dystopian Legions collectors card.
The Steambikes are a Veteran Cavarly Section of 2-4 models. Lots of firepower and they bring the Skimming MAR to the game that lets them fly over man-sizes models and also gives them Towering.
Game Cards -
"Disciplined Manoeuvre" lets the Steambikes act on their own for a turn.
"Dense Fumes" gives them a smoke screen anywhere they have moved.
The full rules can be found HERE

As the bikes are the same apart from the bodies I am going to look at one with both the weapon options.
The main body is resin with interior engine details. The steam stand is also one resin piece.
The other parts are all metal. And there are LOTS of them!
A couple of vents and tabs on the models, most of them are easy to remove.
I recommend keeping the box with you when putting the model together just so you know where everything goes. The 2 body and weapon options let you make different bikes in one section or different sections armed the same way.
Be very careful when taking the metal tab off of the hats (OK, I don't know the official name for them)
I wasn't very careful and took a chunk out of each hat as the metal is very thin. Managed to file back into near enough the right shape though.
The engine cover could also be left off for a different look to the bikes.

The metal parts have a little mould line around them but its barely noticeable. A very quick once over with a file removed them straight away.
The main body of the bike has a tiny mould line underneath but you can ignore it if you want to. Ends up covered by lots of very cool bits.
The bottom of the steam vent stand has a tiny bit of flash around a couple of edges. Its that think though you can remove it by running your finger over it.

Building time......

A scale shot beside Lionel the Linesman. These things are BIG!

The main part of the Steambikes wasn't too bad to put together. The exhaust needs to go a little higher than you expect or it isn't straight and the separate handlebar needs little fingers or a pair of tweezers to fit easily. Not giant badger paws. You get glue everywhere!
The cover on the engine can be attached or left off to show the interior detail. The fact the detail is there makes me think there might be a variant at some point with different parts on the sides.
The plates in front of the feet glue into a ball and socket joint so can be positioned however you like.
I think the weapons are easy to fit. That is unless you clip off too much of the arm thinking it was a tab.
Guess what I did!

You can order a box of 2 Steambikes on Pre-Order from The Troll Trader for £18.90
With the size and the amount of resin used I think its a great price. Especially for 2 of them!
You would only get 1 model like that from some companies for the same cost.

Overall, I love the Ryuma Steambikes. I wasn't really a fan of the Empire of the Blazing Sun but these have converted me. Looking forward to seeing what they can do and getting them on the field of battle.

8 out of 10 Badgers Points
My only problem was the tabs on the hats. But it isn't anything serious.

What do you think of them?

Tomorrow - Treadbikes!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Those look allsorts awesome...
    I'm not sure what I'd use them for, but would atleast like a couple to paint.

    1. It depends what games you play. With some conversion they could fit into a whole range of games.

  2. They are definitely on my list of future purchases!
    Thanks for the break down

    1. No worries.
      I already want a second box of them


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