Monday 25 July 2016

Win a Ltd Ed Black Flash!

The time stream has gone screwy. A Speedster is respnsible. The Black Flash want's his life force!

This model was given away along side pre-orders of the Flash and Arrow expansion for the Batman Miniature game.
You can't get hold of them any more and they wont be available again.

But, here at ToaTS, we have one to give away!

All you have to do is comment below with a character you would like to see appear in the Batman Miniature game and what they would be able to do.
This could be a DC character that hasn't appeared in the game so far or an alternate version of one that has already been released.

The winner will be drawn over the weekend and announced next Monday.

Have fun!



  1. Looking forward to the suicide squad Harley :)

  2. I think Arrow's Malcolm Merlyn would be a good addition, it could give the League of Shadows a Leader option other than the two versions of Ra's Al Ghul, not as dangerous up close but bringing some stealth and shooting potential instead. Make him a bit cheaper than Ra's as well, allowing the League to pack in more Henchmen or splash out on a Free Agent.

  3. An Amanda Waller mini would be pretty cool to keep task Force X in line, with similar abilities to Alfred - extra money etc.

  4. A Thia Queen variant of Speedy so people will recognise Roy as Arsenal

  5. Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)

    His main thing would be using SC to make an array of special use weapons that couldn't be used more than once each.

    Mini-Gun: ROF 4 Ammo 1. he would be able to move and fire it at full ROF but takes a -1 to hit.

    Giant Axe: 2 Blood damage. Sharp, Reach

    Giant Mallet: 2 Stun damage, crit stun effect, maybe knocks over the hit character like a free Technique

    really anything goes.

  6. I believe that Plastic Man would be a great addition to the game.

    I'd assume he'd have an innate Grapple Gun and some form of Bat Armor to represent his elastic powers. Add on top of this transforming into a bouncy ball to do added damage and hammer fists.

    I really think this would make for a fun character and fits right in to the Batman mythos

  7. Suicide Squad Will Smith Deadshot, though I'm still holding out for a close combat thief Anne Hathaway Catwoman.

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  9. CW´s Zoom, and he should have an ability to create a time remnant. That would be really cool.

  10. Booster Gold would be awesome!
    Or Red Rain Vampire Batman!

  11. One character I'd really love to see (but probably never will) is Abuse. He's a little kid who got kidnapped by Scarecrow to set a trap for Batman where he got injected with Venom. Now the 10-year old can summon his powers at will and becomes an 8-foot guy in a trenchcoat.
    With all those Titan freaks running around, it would be nice to get a "big guy" for the good guys. You could have him as 2 miniatures where one gets replaced or just a straight up hitter like the Titan henchmen. Nothing too creative, I just really like the character and design.

  12. Batman Beyond Terry Mcginnis, would be able to fly, and fly high, with bat armor mk 4, but wouldn't have the detective, explosive gel, or teamwork.

  13. I would love Jeanette.
    She is such a great looking character that would be super to have in sculpt and to paint.
    Her team affiliation with secret six would give this group some extra members (now we have catman bane and deadshot)
    Simple powers like near amazon strength, death perception (maybe she could 'warn' a nearby character when its about to die - and by a roll of 6 prevent that last killing blow) and a banshee cry like canarys would make this a very intresting character.

  14. I'll instabuy Victor Zsasz from Gotham from Gotham Tv Show with suit and dual guns. Leader or sidekick for Organized Crime and elite boss gangsters.

  15. White Canary - as in CW's Sara Lance.

    Broadly similar to Katana crossed with Arkham Knight Robin.

    Bo primary weapon. Sai secondary weapon. Add in a couple of throwing knives too.
    Martial Artist / Stealth / Undercover / combo with bo / Aggressive Schizophrenia

    Free Agent: Green Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow. Add in True Love/Affinity Nyssa All Ghul

  16. Martin man hunter total vision fly phase shift (ignores terrain)
    reinforced hands double stun with reach

  17. Rag Doll to help fill out Secret Six. High defense and an entangling ability for him grappling you.

  18. Name: Tracey Buxton (Arkham Origins)
    Alias: Tracey
    Affiliate: Penguin

    Tracey was seen onboard the Final Offer, protecting Penguin's safe room from Batman, and she appeared at the Boiler Deck.

    "C'mon boys. Let's show 'em how we do things 'ere on the Final Offer!"

    Willpower 5/ Strengt 6+/ MC 2/AC 2/DC 3/Endurance 5/SC 3

    Weapon: Baseball Bat= Damage: 1Stun/ Special: Handy, Heavy

    Traits: Kill Them, Mobster and Primary Target (Safe)

    Reputation: 50 Funding: 0$

    Would be nice to have a different option as Sidekick, represents her how she stands on the ring and send some goons after Batman after he knocked out the Electrocutioner, and then she goes to the saferoom etc.

  19. I'd love an owl man for org crime as a leader. Would be good having an evil batman.

    Another one would be flashpoint batman. A more brutal, gunslinging bats would be something different.

    I may post some rules I made when I get home as to how I'd have them.

  20. I would really like Montoya/The Question. A good, mid point gcpd free agent (40ish), a proper heavy hitting human with something a little more esoteric - say a 3SP to make attacks Magic.

  21. surely a John Constantine, undercover, swamp thing affinity, able to heal, hit with magic and some tatto effect once at time... of course work with good guys

  22. Will Magnus and the Metalmen

  23. Mirror Master: Suicide Squad, teleporter who would be a good counter to speedsters/flyers

  24. Vixen - Animal based totem choices allowing her to change profiles in the game would be cool.

  25. Calendar Man!!!!
    Free Agent for the bad guys.
    Rules like strategist, hidden (bad guys need one) and a special rule to eliminate alone people easier.
    The stats... Really poor.
    Eh! I think it is time to have the most charismatic character from batman universe. Charismatic rule... Mmmm...

  26. I would love the music meister. Give him terrible stats, but the ability to hypnotize opponents very effectively. either that, or take hero and villains from any faction with a debuff to action counters or something. I want my dancing aquaman dammit!

    Wait scratch that. i just want brave and the bold aquaman. why not both?

  27. Id really like to see Carpenter, Unicorn and the Walrus for the Wonderland Gang

  28. Atomic Knights because I want to try to paint chrome

  29. THE CREEPER. Add a little Joker-like flair to the forces of Batman. Give him Acrobat, Martial Artist, Claws/Climbing Claws, and most important Demential Laughter(Distract). The Creeper is known for his crazy, physically painful to opponents laughter.

  30. Knightfall Batman - Jean Paul Valley. Different version of bats with claws and some type of blood damage throwing weapon. An all out slaying Batman.

  31. I still really miss some characters from Arkham Origins, most important would be:

    Name: Lonnie Machin
    Alias: Anarky
    Rank: Free Agent
    Affiliation: Unknown

    Weapons: Electic Baton (SS/-/-/Handy, Mechanic), Petrol Bomb (B/1/1/Mechanic, S. Range, Fire)

    Personal Traits: Disarray, "Follow Me!", Hates: Law Forces, Mobster, Persuasive, Strategist)

  32. Aquaman. Stab with a spear or use the magic hand or shoot a hook. And fast through water. Or call like tentacles through sewers

  33. As a Court of Owls fan, I'd love to see them to get a 'combat' orientated leader, namely in the form of Lincoln March. Stats and cost could be comparable to Batman. It would give the Court a bit more of a punch, and a different playstyle compared to their current somewhat flimsly leaders.
    Following that...Talon could be a cool free agent to do...

  34. Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) and Booster Gold would be amazing. The most dynamic of duos, the bestest of friends and the most amazing team up. Imagine what they would be able to do on the battlefield!

  35. Beast Boy would be amazing :) i could see him being a money sinker as he could have numerous optional sculpts as his shifting forms :3


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