Wednesday 6 July 2016

July Marvel Releases. Brotherhood and Hulkbuster!!!

July is looking like an EPIC month for the Marvel Universe Miniature Game from Knight Models.
First up we have the first Villains box set. The Brotherhood of Evil mutants.
Unlike the other sets, this isn't a starter so doesn't contain a rulebook. But it does contain....
Magento - Also able to work with the X-men, can throw items and Metallic characters from a distance, and can raise metal shield.
Pyro - Pure ranged fire fun
Toad- A agile and fast Lvl 5. Great for objectives.
Lady Mastermind - Dangerous to low Willpower and Mental Defense
Full Level 30 team all together.

To back up the Brotherhood we have Victor Creed, a.k.a Sabretooth. Lvl 7 Mutant Villain.
As fast as he is deadly, Sabretooth can hack up even the toughest of enemies.

Finally we have the awesome Hulkbuster armour for the Avengers / Superhuman Heroes.
Level 15 and packed with ranged offensive systems. It can also punch or pull up n ebergy field when needed.

So, what do you think of this months releases?
I'm in for one of each.

- Hendybadger


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