Saturday 8 December 2012

PtCP Auction - Group 4 - Warhammer

Please comment below with the name of the lot you are bidding on and the amount in GBP / UK Pounds

Space Hulk Terminator

Mecha Satan - Giant (Harrier for scale only)


Classic Necron

Classic Dark Eldar

Skink 1

Skink 2

Ghoul 1

Ghoul 2

Mutant Spawn


  1. 13 pounds for the pink Space Hulk Terminator.

  2. 20 USD for the Pink Ogre

    James Flanagan /
    (just let me know how to get you the cash if I win!)

  3. Thats is people. The bidding is closed!
    Thanks so much to everyone that has taken part and the winners will be posted up tomorrow.


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