Thursday 13 December 2012

Dystopian Legions - FSA Major Beauregard and the Clock-o-Dile

The next instalment in the Dystopian Legions Wave 2 reviews is a very special character for the Federated States of America

Major Beauregard and the Clock-o-Dile
Major Nathan Claude Beauregard, noted as a tough and respected battlefield commander, is an experienced hunter of the alligators, and such is his respect for the beasts that he commissioned a local inventor to build him an extraordinary robotic reptile, which he nicknamed ‘Louie’. Now that Beauragard is once again a fighting officer, the ‘Clock-o-Dile’, as his men have come to call the metal beast, is an impressive and frightening asset on the battlefield.

A clockwork crocodile. That is all!
Spartans usual high standard of packaging. Appealing and informative. I wont go on about this as I have mentioned it so many times before.

In the box you get the Major, Clockodile, 2 bases inc 1 acrylic, FSA blank Activation Card and 2 Game Cards.
Beauregard is a Tier 5 Officer. An amazing commander for your FSA forces. 
The Clock-o-Dile has random movement up to 2D6" but has very good Melee Attack Dice
Game Cards -
"Model Patriot" The Major can get extra Command Points for a turn
"Rampaging Automaton" When on its own the Clockodile can charge through Sections like it was armoured cavalry
Full rules can be found HERE

    A closer look at the models shows that these are all metal.
The Major is a single piece and the Clockodile is 7 parts. A couple of little tabs and vents but nothing 'Major' (sorry)
I did notice that the Major came with a 30mm base when all the other Officers in the game have 40mm. This may be a mispack or may be because of the huge Clockodile. Asked Spartan and will know soon.
(EDIT: The Major is meant to have a 40mm base and has been rebased to fit)
When building take a little care with the Clockodile. Each leg has a ball and socket joint and on the ball is a very small line. This line matches up with the socket on the main body. If you line them up that way the feet will all be level and basing will be simple.

And glue time......

No Lionel scale shot today. I thought Beauregard would do. But keep in mind he is on a 30mm base (for now)
The Clock-o-Dile is bigger than I expected. A very impressive piece though. I have bent the end of his tail down slightly to give a more fluid look to the model.

These 2 model are £12.15 on Pre-Order from The Troll Trader. In some games you would be paying that for just the Major himself so I'm more than happy with the price. 

Overall, I like this set. The Clock-o-Dile is awesome! I think the Major is a little bland but that may just be cause of his pure awesomeness of his 'pet'. Still a great and detailed model though.

8 out of 10 Badger Points

Will you be picking these up?

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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