Sunday, 16 December 2012

Dystopian Legions - PE Kettenkarre Tankettes

Time for a look at the second set of Dystopian Legions Tankettes. This time they belong to the Prussian Empire

Kettenkarre Tankettes
Kettenkarres are equipped with fixed-mount MG71 machine guns fired

by their drivers with an electrical trigger. They spearhead Prussian

assaults and act as a physical barrier if necessary to shield the

Grenadiers from enemy fire, while using their own formidable

weaponry to suppress target positions. Once the combined formations

are within range, the infantry break cover from behind the Kettenkarres

and storm forward to overwhelm the enemy defenders, with the

tankettes offering supporting fire.

The Tankettes have the usual standard of Dystopian Legions packaging. All the info you need, renders from the actual models and even a little bit about the tanks.

When emptying the box you find 2 Kettenkarres with acrylic bases, a PE blank Activation Cards, 2 Game Cards and a Dystopian Legions collectors card.
These Tankettes are a Battalion Support Section of 1-2 models. With awesome movement and a powerful but limited arc weapon, I expect to see a lot of these around.
Game Cards -
"K-Bullets" The Kettenkarres can gain extra Ironclad Attack Dice
"Dud!" Any PE Ironclad can reduce the attacks against it.
Full rules are HERE

Both of the Tankettes are the same so I'm going to cover one of them from here on.
The main body is resin and the other parts are metal.
There are a few tabs of metal on the hatch and tracks but they are easily removed without loss of detail.
The main track section has some metal strips inside you need to clip out. A quick file and all looks good.
You might notice that the hatch has detail on both sides. There is also a gap in the top of the main body with the back of the machine gun in. This makes me think there will be tank Commanders that can be placed inside in the future.

The main resin body has a touch of flash around the base. s it is quite close to the detail I suggest running a hobby knife over it to remove it.
The metal parts have a tiny little mould line that can get removed with a quick file or even ignored if you like.

The tank builders are coming............

Scale shot next to Lionel the Linesman

The Kettenkarres are really simple and easy to build. The inside wheels line up to a raised area on the hull, the hatch is a perfect fit and the tracks just slip on. I dont think there is any problems with it at all.
Its as good as it gets!

The Kettenkarres are £19.80 from The Troll Trader on pre-order
For two decent sized resin models I think this is a good price.

Really impressed by these Tankettes. They look fantastic, are a pleasure to build and when painted up they will be a centre piece on the battlefield. Love them!
I know this isn't the longest of reviews but there is only so many times I can say how good they are.

10 out of 10 Badger Points!!!!!

Do you think the same? Or are you not keen on them?

Tomorrow - Tesla powered spider man composer with an Igor!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. I actually found these yesterday after your review on the British Tankette. I was hoping you were going to do these too so I could see them in the flesh (in the resin?).

    I think I like these better, even if they are less 'iconic' looking that the other. It just looks more like someone could be sitting in there to me.

    1. I think they keep the same 'feel' as the KoB ones but manage it with a very different design.

  2. I got to hand it to you mr Badger; I wasn't very interested in Dystopian Legions when I saw it announced, but these reviews and pictures of yours are slowly changing my mind... :)

    1. Mwah Ha Ha Ha. My evil plan is working!

      Which bits are you liking the look of the most?

    2. Such a sneaky badger! :)

      Well, all the mechanical stuff is pretty much top notch - love the tankettes! The infantry looked a bit stiff when I first saw them. Some of the pictures you've shown have changed my mind though and I'm following the development with interest now. Since the French and Russians are my favourite looking factions for DW so I think I'll hold off for a while and see what happens. With a gun to my head I'd say the British or Prussians. Hehe!

      What I'm more eager for is the 15mm version of Firestorm: Invasion though. :)

    3. I think the French and Russians will be the 6th and 7th forces.

      Not really been grabbed by Firestorm myself

    4. Yeah, that's what I've been thinking as well. Might be a while then. :)

      The 10mm stuff didn't do anything for me, but seeing the recent teaser pics of the 15mm models I was quit impressed! This stuff basically:


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