Thursday 20 December 2012

Cry Havoc! - Mercs are Coming to Dystopian Legions

Mercenaries are coming to Dystopian Legions in 2013. They look and sound great!
You can see the original post  HERE and I have also reposted it below

Mercenaries, Dogs of War, Guns for Hire….call them what you will, but whatever name you do give them you simply can’t beat the arrival of heroes (or anti-heroes!) to any game. During 2013 we’re rolling out several boxed sets of characters for Dystopian Legions to add even more colour and depth to our tabletop miniature game.

Our first set of miniatures will bring the Honourable Eclipse Company to a gaming table near to you and we’re most excited to introduce the following characters: Colonel David Hodge, Major Nathan MacGruder, Zhang Mei-Hua, Captain Arturo Montini and Rajinder Singh.

The models will be available to add to any nation – they are, after all, mercenaries – and we’ve created a short work of fiction to introduce the first Dogs of War to you. Set in a country house in Sussex, England the members of Eclipse have been tasked with protecting an important member of Britannian society when suddenly a French raiding force arrives.

One of the key plans for our mercenaries is to interconnect then with the Dystopian Wars combat game. An example here is the shore party boxed set based upon the Russian mercenary Captain Vladimir Nikonov, commander of the Black Wolf Submersible. With his men Nikonov can be hired to spice up a game of Legions, so watch out for more news on this character and his men early in 2013.

So, allow us to present a new short story set during the Storm of Steel campaign, The Bank Raid, for your reading pleasure:
Click here to view The Bank Raid [PDF, 650KB]

Love the look and sound of these new character sets. Going to add a lot of...... well..... character to the game.
Cant wait to see the minis and what else they come up with.
I highly recommend checking out the short story about. I have stolen some pictures of the Honourable Eclipse Company from the above PDF to tempt you into reading it.

What do you think of these additions?

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. It's funny that the Hendybadger fits right in with that art style.

    1. Hendybadger was drawn by the well known gaming artist, Melvin de Voor.
      I can't find a name for the DL artwork. Will have to ask if he did any of it.

  2. I love these guys. Can't wait to get my grubby hands on them!

    1. Same here. Looking forward to the crew of the Black Wolf as well


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