Monday 10 December 2012

Batman Minis Game - Leader: BANE!!!!

From the Mistycball Blog via Google Translate

The carrier of the Titan. His only desire is to have more control and Titan for if mismo.Como happens in this version of the game can be played with BANE Batman (only if the character of Batman in it).
Feature is a leader as well in the title of this post, is a superpersonaje, its cost is 150 reputation is brutality personified ....
Titan has two doses of output, that combined with his ability to master fighter, really make it a melee combatant extremely powerful.
All this combined with Insensitive (no action tokens lost due to damage received) make him a very to have to account for their destructive power, so if you have it before fear it ....
Has scheming / 1 which allows you to put your opponent after action counters.
Their high values ​​in attack and strength make it a public danger, when comes to the streets of Gotham and Arkham.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay (from that beast)


  1. Very cool model, and a great paint job on it to boot. The more you post on this game the more I want to get involved with it.. argh..

    1. I wasn't too sure on the game after seeing the scale and prices.
      But the more of the minis I see, the more I want them!

  2. This is a fantastic painted figure!



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