Friday 28 December 2012

Batman New Releases + Penguin Crew Info

Knight models have posted pictures of the next wave of Batman Minis on thier Facebook Page
They also posted links to download the rules for the game. Unfortunatley they are in Spanish until the English version comes out in a few weeks.
I have run them through Google Translate for a look but not sure If I would be allowed to post that up

The Mistycball Blog has also posted up a little bit of info on the Penguin crew.
In Spanish so translated below via Google Translate

Penguin   is band leader, just as these miniatures are based on the aesthetics of the game.

A Leader in Reputation cheaper there, only 75.

His main traits are oriented charism has the charismatic and influential skills.

It is a character that much power play with henchmen, the combination of peat and inspire the rule (this gets to be the leader, his rank), makes the minions, they are very easy to activate consecutively with any additional action token their reservations.

Eye! Character is weak in combat, but his bulletproof vest helps you survive better against enemy fire. How not to highlight its umbrella, a weapon that can always interesting scares the enemy.

This starter was decided to put a more powerful gun.

Penguin is the Lord of the business and that allows you to have more money to spend on equipment and weapons. The other two models is equipped with a shield, a very interesting item when you get the hang of the game and that always makes Blink!, The other the oldest equipped with a good electric baton. Most of these thugs have all Pandillero rule.
They are pretty cheap Henchmen Reputation.

When more blisters expansion bands, fans will enjoy this character viewed the possibilities of variation and versatility it has.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Had a look at the rules myself but running them through Google didn't help much – the resulting English is so broken it doesn't make much sense.

    Can't wait though!

    1. Hopefully the English ones will be soon

    2. Fingers crossed. I would have thought that the widest potential market was English language speaking, so personally I would have had them translated to launch prior to or in tandem with Spanish, but what would I know? :)

    3. I would have thought that would be the best idea as well.
      But hey...

  2. Translation good. know not people speak about


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