Saturday 20 December 2014

Arkham City Limits - Batman Minis and Terrain Community

Joker Gang by Pete Bradley

When Knight Models first released the Batman Miniatures Game, a little Facebook group started up called Arkham City Limits.
Starting with only a handful of members, ACL is now heading to 700 Batman players and painters.

I know there are a lot of people out there against using the dreaded Book of Faces, but if you are interested in Batman minis, it's well worth knocking together a "fake" profile just to use this group. No different to joining a forum really.

Watchmen by Sai Harris. UK Tournament Winner

On a daily basis, Arkham City Limits is packed full of stunning painted models, amazing terrain and discussions on all sorts of things DC Miniatures related.
Several of the Knight Models team are also members. They help with everything from replacement parts to rules questions and even throw in the odd model or rules preview.

Arkham Batman and scratch built terrain by Mark Latham

Over the years, I have been part of several forum and facebook communities. ACL is one of the best by a long way. Even the odd heated discussion, that all games get, are civil and interesting.
I can't recommend it enough.

Team Green Arrow by Tom Williams

Head over and check it out HERE and let us know what you think.
I will leave you with a few other goodies that people have posted up.

Joker Gang on the streets by Adam Russell Reeves

Batman and Robin jump out the Batmobile by Dan Halstead

Arkham Batman at Ace Chemicals by Henrick Becker

Adam West and the Bat Familt by Rob Hall

Heath Ledger Joker by Robert Zane Solo

Origins Deathstroke by Santiago Sanchez

Dark Knight movie Batman by Thomas Funk

Origins Bane gang by Adam Russell Reeves

Killer Croc by Henrik Becker

Green Lantern Batman by Kevin Dillie

Two Face gang and Deadshot by Marc Potts

Ivy, Zsasz, Plants and Loonies by Simon Bale Glass

Gordon Freeze and the GCPD SWAT by Stuart Matthews


    Here is my write up of the recent tournament

  2. Hello
    I´d like to know more about the stairs of the first picture (terrain by Mark Latham).
    Where do you take the picture? I need to do a stairs like that!!

    1. If you check out the Arkham City Limits group, Mark has done a step by step.


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