Saturday 30 July 2011

Claws + Cogs Tournament - Sept 17th - North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics

 Claws + Cogs
25pt Mangled Metal / Tooth and Claw Tournament

What, When + Where
25 point Mangled Metal / Tooth and Claw Warmachine + Hordes tournament
North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics. Link to the rightt >>>>>>>>
Poldark Inn, Delabole, North Cornwall (yes its at a PUB!)
Saturday 17th September
£5 per ticket. To be paid by Sept 10th at NCBB or via Paypal to
10am registration. 10.30 am start.
Hope to finish by 5pm

3 rounds. (4 if attendance increases).
All using the Magled Metal / Tooth and Claw scenarios from Prime MkII and Primal MkII
Single 25pt list – To be submitted by Sept 10th to or handed in at the club

Scoring will be 1 tournament point for a win, 0 for a loss. No draws.

If there’s no clear winner the game will be decided on victory points (VP)
Overall positions will be decided on tournament points or Strength of Schedule. (SoS) SoS and VP rules are both in SR2011

(SR 2011 rules with can be found at

Disagreements should be settled by players during games. If that can’t happen a Tournament Organiser (TO) is to be called over. The TOs decision is final and stands for all games.  NO CHEATING!

1st – 1st place Steamroller coin and certificate
2nd – 2nd place Steamroller coin and certificate
3rd – 3rd place Steamroller coin and certificate

Sportsmanship – 2 Privateer Press Faction patches of your choice
(Sportsmanship will be voted by players after all the games have finished)

If the event gets over 8 players, more prizes will be added!!!!!
Including Painted and a Most Promising General prizes. Plus store vouchers

SR Coins + Certificates and Faction Patch examples

What You Will Need
1 legal 25pt Mangled Metal or Tooth and Claw force. Including all models and stat cards.
All dice, markers, tokens, measuring devices and templates you will need to play
Prime Mk2 or Primal Mk2 rule book
Your Factions ‘Forces of’ book if your are running a tier list.
Money for food, drink, beer etc.
Pen for marking results

For any more info or if you have any questions please contact or Ian Henderson (PG hendybadger) at or 07890980870 

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