Saturday 17 December 2011

WIP Pulp City game board

Thought I would share some pics of my WIP Pulp City table. Taken during out first ever Lvl12 Encounter this week. As you can see above, it didnt go that well for my Heavy Metal team.
Here we ae then- (click on pics to view larger)

The buildings are from Sarissa Precision, the signs, barriers and portaloos come from Fenris Games, the streetlights and traffic lights are by Mega Miniatures and the shipping conatiners are made by TableScape.
Foundations of War made the fountain and staue plinth.
The cars were oicked up mainly from ebay.

How about another shot fro a different view. Mid game.

I still have alot of work to do on it yet.
Fat Dragons roads are soon to be added. Along with an Armorcast canal and roof toppers.
Theres also going to be allsorts of different useable object coming from Fenris and Ainsty.
Right, Im off to work on the fountain and staue. The tops have just arrived from Reaper

Hendybadger out

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