Saturday 24 December 2011

Model Review: Relics Vaettir Huntawalu from Tor gaming

Before the Collapse the Huntawalu were an elite sect of mighty sorcerers, powerful even by the exceptionally high standards of the Vaettir. They were gifted in all aspects of the Maaj and they travelled the kingdoms of the Vaettir freely offering their guidance to anyone who would care to hear it.

After the Collapse they emerged from the shadows as tainted, horrific reflections of their former selves. The Huntawalu have discovered that alongside their physical deformities they can now also see the world in a wide array of different spectrums and their understanding of the Maaj has grown greater than ever before.

They stalk the land seeking their vengeance on the peoples of Relicia who they hold responsible for their demise, blinded by their own arrogance they are unable to realise that it was their own meddling which brought about their doom. Quick to unleash their furious anger upon their enemies, they have become natural leaders amongst the shattered Vaettir and they lead them forth into battle with unrivalled passion

Next for my Relics model reviews is the Vaettir Huntawalu from Tor Gaming.
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Packaging, Contents + Building
The model comes in a standard blister which lets you see every part inculded.

Everything conatined in the blister above and a closer look at the model parts below. Thats a 50mm base so you can see this isnt a small piece at all.

There are quite afew parts for one model but you can already see that this is going to be very impressive.
I am very precise when cleaning minis. Have been known to take hours removing single mould lines. So the first thing I looked at were the mould lines and tabs on the parts.

There was a slight one up the front of the torso and an even smaller one across the back of the head. Took about 5 minutes to clean up the whole lot which was great.

Then it was time to build.
This is NOT for first time model makers. This is due to the small joints on the lower set of arms and the 4 legs having ball joints.
The lower arms are abit small to be pinned so after getting them in place they need to be filled around the joint for abit of extra support.
Then the 4 spider like legs were abit of a mission to get attatched in the right places. Each one need to be glued and then strenghtened before I could move onto the next. Although this does give a huge variety of pose options. I went for something similar to the pose in the picture at the top of this post.
If the legs had pins and sockets for a standard pose, that could be removed if you wanted to change it, I think it may be easier to build.
You shouldnt have a problem if you have ever made a spider legged mini before though.

Finished Model

Overall this is a very nice model. You can pose it almost anyway you like so there is never going to be 2 the same. I chose to use a chunk of slate for it to climb over so the base didnt look too bare because the model is high above it.
Im my opinion this is one of the best looking minis in the Vaettir range if not the entire Relics range.

Fianl rating is going to be ............. 8 out of 10

It would have been a 9 is it was a little easier to build.
If you want to know more about Relics and the Vaettir then head over to the Tor Gaming site

Thats all for now then folks,
I hope you have a great christmas and get all the toys you want.
Hendybadger out

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