Sunday 18 December 2011

More to Tor Gaming than just Relics + Relics Wins WAMP Bronze!!!!!

Direct from the Tor Gaming Blog:

When I first moved Tor Gaming from an online retailer to a game producer way back what feels like soooo many (sleepless) moons ago, my plan was to produce not just wargames but other ‘games’ and ‘ranges’ too.

The Relics range is growing and we have built (but far from finished building) a nice distribution network in the UK already. But the Relics range is just one range. Admittedly, it’s supported by two rule sets, well, one and a half – Clash isn’t really fit for full use at this time, but it is a single range and for us to grow to where I want Tor Gaming to be, we will be branching out into other games and ranges to help generate revenue streams that will then be ploughed back into Relics and other ranges.
Before you all cry out with screams of ‘ You’re over stretching yourselves!!!’ I am not talking about another wargame range that requires a full miniature range to support it and therefore its own pot of gold to produce. I’m talking about ranges that are self-contained and single release projects for us.

So, what are these new products and lines?

The first line will see its first release in Q1 of 2012. The range (name pending – a competition maybe…) will be somewhere for us to produce and release highly detailed busts and models. The sort of detail that we just don’t feel right putting on gaming model like the Relics range. After all, gaming models are for gaming with and who wants to spend hours painting a model to then have it fall over whilst on a hill and chip the paint? Not related to a specific game or universe, this range is for painters and model lovers. The first few releases for this range will be a set of ‘Horror’ busts. More details to follow – Keep your eyes open, we may preview something soon.

The second range is more a collection of products only related in the fact they are games. These will be dice games, card games. Some stand alone, some expandable but all will be damn fun. The first product to hit this range will happen sometime Q1 or 2 of 2012 and will be a fun, small, self-contained ‘filler’ game for 3 or more people. It is dice based, designed to be played anywhere when you have five or ten minutes to kill and allows for some good laughs as you beat the crap out of each other…. Opps, I may have said to much already… May as well keep going then.

The first game in this second range above is a funky little dice game with simple mechanics that, as stated above, allows 3 or more people to fill some time and have a laugh. It’s called ‘Fist Fight’, with each player representing a single person in an illegal Fist Fight Club competition. The game consists of special d6 dice. The dice have custom images on each face and each player has 5 dice. They choose an opponent to fight. They both roll their dice and try to make the best fighting hand within 3 rolls to do damage to the other fighter. This continues until one player emerges the winner.
As with all dice games, it has that element of luck but knowing what to hold and what to re-roll will help you to stack the luck on your side. You can make the game last as long or short as you want purely by increasing or decreasing the number of damage a player can receive until they are out.
So, if you’re looking for a filler game that is fun, allows you to beat your mates up (not literally) and is easily transportable, Fist Club may just well be what you are looking for.

So, keep your eyes open for these new products from Tor Gaming. We have a feeling you will like what we have coming.

Mid November we were informed by Darklord over at the WAMP-Forums that Relics had been short-listed for their WAMP Awards 2011 in the ‘Best Range’ and as you can see, we are in a category that has some seriously strong competition:

Banelegions – Malestom Games
George RR Martin’s Masterwork’s – Darksword Miniatures
Hordes – Privateer Press
Kingdom Death – Kingdom Death
Malifaux – Wyrd Miniatures
Relics – Tor Gaming
Relic Knights – Sodapop Miniatures
Smog 1888 – Smart Max
Star Wars – Knight Models
Warlord Saga – Andrea Miniatures

So, whilst we were very grateful to all the people who nominated us that resulted in the short-listing, we also expected to not be placed once all the voting is over. After all, just look again at the list of the other ranges in the category.

So, you can imagine our surprise and amazement to discover today that we had in fact been awarded the bronze position! The voting must have been tight as it was a joint position with the Darksword Miniatures range.

We were beaten by the amazing Banelegions and Smog 1888 ranges, and a well deserved Gold and Silver for them. But to have beaten some of the other ranges in the groups is just amazing for us.

I’d like to thank each and every one of the people who voted for Relics. You have no idea just how much it means to us to have been short-listed, let alone placed!

Thank you!

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