Friday 2 December 2011

Warmachine - Legendary Vlad the Horselord - Khador Warcaster Artwork

Todays PP Insider HERE contains the artwork for the new Epic Vlad, or Vlad 3 or Legendary Vlad for Khador.
I think it looks amazing and Im very sure that there is now A LOT of very happy Khador players out there awaiting the next book.
Click the image above to view larger and you can see the full blog post below.


The process of creating a new model for Privateer Press is a pretty complex affair. Once the design team has created the basic idea, statistics, and weapons, the concept is passed along to me. It’s then my job to assign these briefs to a concept artist. The concept artist then designs the look of the character, warjack, or unit. Once that’s done, the finalized concept art is passed on to sculptors and illustrators to make cool models and fantastic paintings.

Sometimes, one of the best parts of my job is the ability to pick a couple models that I really like and “assign” them to myself to draw. I don’t get to do that as often as I’d like, but when I can, I try to scoop up the ones that I’m super jazzed about.

For example, I managed to snag the newest incarnation of one of the most iconic characters in WARMACHINE: Vladimir Tzepesci. As a long time Khador player, I have eagerly awaited the incarnation of Vlad where he takes up the mantle of his birthright and becomes a true Umbrean horse lord.
Once the design of Vlad was finalized, I assigned Néstor Ossandón the task of breathing life into the grand prince by creating an awesome illustration. I think this piece of art truly reflects the power and royal heritage of Vlad. I hope you agree.


  1. Still no Epic Gorten :(

    Tyrant Swabs

  2. Not yet. But there is meant to be a 3rd Rhulic Caster in the same book

  3. I thought it might be him. Still wondering who the other Legendary Casters are going to be. I'm sort of sensing that they're setting up Feora and Goreshade in the current storyline...

  4. Not sure if there is more than 1 per Faction but we know 2 of them are Lylyth and Asphyxious


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