Friday 16 December 2011

Hordes: Circle Orboros Plastic Warpwolf Kit. Stalker, Feral + Pureblood

Privateer Press have posted up the previews for the amazing new Hordes Circle Orboros plastic Warpwolf kit. Feral above, Stalker and Pureblood below.

Warpwolves are humans that have been transformed into savage beasts well suited for battle. The druids of the Circle Orboros use the vicious feral warpwolves to strike their enemies hard and fast, unleashing them to sow death and discord with tooth and claw. Contrastingly, the white-furred purebloods cut swathes through the enemies of Orboros with measured ferocity and bone-shattering howls. Retaining some portion of their human intellects, the sword-wielding stalkers are stealthy killers that prowl behind enemy lines and strike without warning.

This box set contains three color stat cards and one multi-part heavy warbeast plastic model (PIP 72057). Included are all the components to assemble one of three heavy warbeast variants: Feral, Pureblood, or Stalker Warpwolf. A player may field any number of these heavy warbeasts in a Circle Orboros army.

You can check out the 360 Views >>HERE<< 

Instead of my own opinions this time Im going to open it up to yourselves.
What do you think of them?
Prefer the new or old Wolves? And why?

Which if your favourite?


  1. loving the new wolves....

    i will not play circle......i will not play circle....i will not play circle.....i will not play circle.......

  2. As a non-PP gamer (as yet), stuff like this - in plastic - is winning me over.

  3. Warmachine and Hordes are both really great games....the design, the rules and the miniatures are awesome! PP have created an amazing setting with some great storylines :)

    You really try them out :)

  4. I will, I will. Must clear some heavy gaming/,minis backlog first, but in good time. :)

  5. Love the new Feral, miles better than the old one. The new Pureblood isn't bad, but the older sculpt has more emotion in it. The Stalker's sculpt is really just about the same, so being in plastic makes me happy about that.

  6. New Feral's less limp-wristed and doesn't look like a rat, but it's a bit heavyset for a potentially SPD8 beast... I'm not necessarily sold.

    I'm with tzeentchling on the Pureblood; not bad but it's hard to beat the 'howl at the moon' pose on the old one.

    I really really really like the plastic Stalker, though. It's actually Stalking, and doing something sensible with its off hand.


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