Thursday 25 February 2016

Marvel Universe Mini Game - Final Character Card Design

After taking on the feedback from the last character card preview, Knight Models have updated to this new design.
As a few things have changed and moved around, I'll go over all of the different sections again.

Top Left
Characters Alias and 'real' name. You can't take more than one person with the same 'real' name.
Character picture. - The matching model if there are alternate versions.

Top Middle
Level - The Level of the character used for Team Building.
Affiliate - Either Superhuman (A), Mutant (X) or Cosmic (*). The background shows if they are a Hero (blue), Neutral (grey) or Villain (red?). Again, used for Team Building.

Power - How many Power counters they get each turn.
Speed - In inches. 1 Power to move the first value, 2 to move the second. Only one move per turn.
Strength - How strong they are for throwing items and other characters.
Attack - This is added to 2D8 for an Attack against the opponents Defense
Size - The models size for throwing
Agility - 2D8 equal or under to take half damage from Area effects
Stamina - 2D8 equal or under to stop becoming KO'd
Willpower - Used to fight off several Mental Special Powers

Left Middle
Defenses - Used against Attacks of the same Type
Shield - Physical Defense
Star - Energy Defense
Eye of Agamotto - Supernatural Defense
Brain - Mental Defense

Skills - Generic skills fond in the main rulebook.
Regen/ 1 - Renegerate 1 Endurance at the star of each round.
Immunity to Psionic Attacks
Assassin - Double 8s on Attack gives double base damage
Acrobat - Reroll Agility tests
Wall Crawler - Full movement, not half, while climbing
Master Fighter - Reroll 1 dice per attack

Top Right
Attacks - How a character causes damage
Attack - The actions name
Cost / Freq - The cost in Power to use the attack and the amount of times it can be used. As many as you can (green), once per turn (blue) or once per game (red)
Nature / Type - The first symbol is the Nature which will match a defense. The second is the Type which can is used for characters Immune, Resistant or Weak to it.
DMG - How may damage point a successful attack does.
Range - Either a Fist for Melee, number and Target for ranged or number and Fist for ranged Melee.
The is also Expansive Waves ((())) or Sprays.
Effects - Any additional effects the attack has like Distract, Irresistible ot alternate Criticals and Overloads.

Middle Right
Special Powers - Abilities specific to this character
SP Power - The abilities name
Cost/Freq - The same as Attacks above.
Use - This will either be Active (A) for us in your turn, Reactive (R) for use in your opponents turn or Passive (P) for constant.
Range - Either a number in Inches or - for self.
Effects - The specific effect this power has.

Endurance Bar - This shows how much damage a model can take.
Each section could also have + or - modifiers to some stats while you are in it.
Grey - Normal Damage. Often a stat bonus.
Pale Red - Medium Damage. Needs a Stamina roll at the end of the turn or become KO.
Red - Heavy Damage. Needs a Stamina roll as your models ENTERS this zone as well as at the end of the turn. Usually negative modifiers.
Full - When the bar is full, the model in Incapacitated and removed form the game.

What do you think of this new design then?
Is it easy to understand?

Until next time ...... Excelsior!

- Hendybadger


  1. It's a really good design, looking very appropriate for the setting.

  2. It is a huge improvement over the earlier previews. There is still a lot of info on the card, but it's much easier to read. I'm glad to see that KM took the feedback to heart.

    1. Yep. They started work on this seeing the day after the last one went up.

  3. Is that a Blue or a Grey on his alignment? If that's blue, I'm kinda blown away that they made him a straight-up hero.

    Everything else looks good though!

    1. That's Blue on Deadpool. He's a good guy really. Just deadly with it.

  4. better on the design than the first version like Kevlar I think the good vseil , neutral could be clearer even just a h, n or e would work on power frequency I would suggest different shapes as well as color after all some people are color blind

    1. Different shapes was considered but some colour blind people said the different shades were far apart enough to work out.


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