Tuesday 16 February 2016

Marvel Universe Mini Game - Nova, Black Panther and DEADPOOL!

I'm back True Believers!
Today I'm going to have a look at the additional blister models from the first wave of releases.
Nova, Black Panther and DEADPOOL!

To start with we have the human Rocket Nova for the Guardians. The original Richard Rider.
Nova is a Level 8 Cosmic Hero
He is the fastest Flyer in the game (so far) and is packed full of power.
Nova can shoot off Nova Pulses through terrain or create a massive explosion. He can even absorb Energy from an attack to increase his own.

Next, for the Avengers we have King T'Challa, The Black Panther.
Panther is a Level 6 Superhuman Hero
Armed with Anitmetal claws, Black Panthers close combat attacks are Irresistible so effective against even the toughest targets. He can also Pounce for a boost to his movement.
As an Infiltrator skilled in Stealth attacks, he can get anywhere he needs to unharmed.

Finally we have the regenerative degenerate himself. Wade Wilson, Deadpool!
Deadpool is a Level 6 Mutant and Superhuman Hero so can join the X-Men or Avengers.
His plan is to Stab Stab and Bang Bang his way through the enemies. A skilled Assassin and Master Fighter means he will rarely miss and sometimes double his damage. If it all goes wrong, he can Bodyslide out of the way to Regenerate. To top it off he has the highest Mental Defense and is Immune to Psionic attacks because he is, well, you know, mental!

What do you think of these additions?
Will any be joining your teams?

Until next time ..... Excelsior!

- Hendybadger


  1. I hope the next faction will be evil - Brotherhood of Mutants, HYDRA or the like.

    Some of the characters from the Deadpool film would be neat too, we already have the Merc with a Mouth and Collosus!

  2. It's been a long while since I read any Marvel comics...when did Deadpool join the Avengers?!

    1. He's a member at the moment in Steve Rogers team.
      The A affiliation isn't just Avengers though. It will include all Superhumans.

  3. It's great to hear about the super power mechanics that will be introduced like Nova's ability to shoot through terrain or the infiltration by black panther. These abilities across all characters should make the game interesting to play.

    1. Some will be character specific, but things like Penetrative and Infiltrator will appear on other characters.

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  5. Ordered the X-Men and Deadpool. Nothing inspired by gaming terms but rather I'm a fan of the characters. Really looking forward to reading the rules though.

    1. I think my main team will be X-Men and Pool as well.

    2. I'm leaning towards Avengers as my primary with X-men as a secondary faction (well until Thanos gets his rules or the Brotherhood of evil Mutants shows up)

      The only issue I have with the Avengers starter is the huge gap in levels between Thor and Black Widow which makes it hard to swap in the Black Panther without losing a "key" Avenger or two (at least at the 30pt level). I'm really looking forward Hulk getting his rules as I'm guessing he will slot in for Thor nicely but obviously that's pure speculation.

      There is so many great minis to come for all these teams it is an exciting time to be a Marvel and miniature game fan for sure. I'm looking forward to more coverage while we await the release.

    3. There will hopefully be more in the next few days.
      Lvl 30 is a small starter game so for full games you will be looking 40-50. There will be more then enough characters to swap around so you can fit in who ever you like.

  6. Do you know should we expect Marvel to be on a monthly release schedule like BMG has been?

    1. Don't know for sure at the moment, but I would assume so.


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