Friday, 5 February 2016

Marvel Universe Miniature Game - The Avengers

Today it's the turn of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. The Avengers! Well, the Avengers starter set anyway.

The Avengers are led by Steve Rogers, the original Captain America.
Cap is a Lvl 7 Superhuman / Hero
As a natural leader Captain America can call Avengers Assemble to bring the team together and boost them while they are there.
Is is also a trained Soldier who is skilled with his Vibranium Shield which can be used to stop incoming attacks to even bounced off of multiple enemies.

Tony Stark is the tech guy of the team. Known to most as Ironman.
Ironman is a Lvl 7 Superhuman / Hero.
Using his Ironman suit, Stark can fly across the battlefield at great speeds. The in built sensors can see everything around him, even those that think they are hidden. The suit is also packed with his trademark Repulsors, Micro Missile and the huge Unibeam and is able to recharge when hit with electric.

What is an Avengers team without some serious muscle? Thor Odinson, an Asgardian God fills that role nicely.
Thor is a Lvl 12 Superhuman / Hero.
Thor brings pure Asgard power to the team. Strength, flight and the might hammer Mjolnir.
Able to bring down bolts of lightning or slam enemies back with his hammer, Thor is capable of dealing with any situation. The hammer can even be used as a shield to protect him, if he even needs it to that is.

Sometimes the Avengers need someone to sneak in and Infiltrate an area. Natasha Romanova is the perfect woman for the job, known in the field as the Black Widow.
Black Widow is a Lvl 4 Superhuman  / Hero.
Once Widow has appeared deep into enemy territory, she can use her combat skills, firearms and signature Widow's Bite gauntlets to take down her target.

Do you like the look of the Avengers?
Will they be the first to hit the board for you?


- Hendybadger


  1. Here's hoping I can pick up Black Widow separately. I think I do prefer this new sculpt to the previous :)

  2. Hope to see the x-men post soon

  3. These guys look awesome I love the Thor and Captain America miniatures. the Iron Man looks great too but I am a bit partial to the older armours from when I read the comic as a kid.

    1. I'm certain more armours will appear as the game goes on.

  4. how does cap shield work? bonus defense or a passive ability to pay for?

    1. It gives home a good base Defence as well as being able to block a hit or throw it and bounce it off people.

  5. Is this really 31 points? The other starter is 30 points... isn't this one being 1 point over a bit unfair?

    1. Thor has been tweaked back to Level 12 for release.

  6. I guess in order to get higher level characters they will have to either come in single blisters or have less mini's in a starter if 30 points has to be the starter composition.

    1. Yeah, I expect higher levels will be separate.


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