Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Marvel Universe Mini Game - Scenery and Throwing

Hi True Believers!
Some more rules new for you today. Something a lot of people have been asking about is the scenery and being able to throw it so I will try and go over the rules here as best as I can.

To start off with, all models and scenery have a Size. The models size is listed on their stat card and scenery has a chart in the rulebook.
As an example a bench would be Size 1, a truck Size 3 and huge building Size 8.
Models have the Endurance Bar to track damage. Scenery has Structure Points.
You choose the Structure Points for each item depending on the size of the scenery you own. The same Structure Points as Size makes things easy but you can alter it if you want to.

Scenery is damaged just like a normal model. It counts as having Defense 12 and is Immune to Mental attacks. Anything Size 5 or higher cannot be damaged by someone at Strength 1.
Larger scenery can also ignore the first 1-2 points of damage each time.
Once you can taken all the Structure Points of an item of scenery, it is destroyed and removed. Replace it with rubble if you like.
Anyone on top of a building or such that is destroyed will fall and take damage.

Right, onto the fun part. Throwing!
Any item on the board can be thrown. Terrain, enemies and friendlies.
A Throw is a 2 Power Extraordinary (blue) attack.
You can throw anything / anyone whose Size is equal to or under your Strength.

To throw an enemy you first need to roll to Grab them. If that works you then target another model or scenery piece and roll to hit that. Your range is double your Strength.
Any fails stop the attack there and then.
To throw a friendly or some scenery you Grab them automatically. Then again target something else and roll to hit that. Scenery is destroyed if it hits its target. A model is not and can be fine if not thrown at an enemy.

Damaged caused by a thrown item is the same as it Size.
If a model it thrown, it also receives damage equal to the throwers Strength -1.

Thrown scenery items gain the Overwhelm rule. They can pass through and hurt any smaller items or models in the path of the throw. But, if it hits something the same size or bigger, or several items that add up to its size, it's destroyed before it reaches the target.

So Hulk throws a Size 3 container at Rocket. It can go through Drax and cause 3 Damage to him and gain 2 Damage from him unless he passes an Agility roll.
It then continues to hit Rocket. Once it hits him it causes 3 Damage and is then destroyed.

And the best thing about all of this throwing?
A Colossus and Wolverine FASTBALL SPECIAL!!!!!!!


  1. Loving those rules! Just a pity that colosus isnt size3, it seems quite heavy

    1. Size 3 wil be bigger bases. Colossus is at the higher end of 2.

  2. Lovely Colossus and Wolverine FastBall! Watch out for throwing friend combos! XD

  3. Very cool mechanic. Out of curiosity I don't know if that picture is yours but if so where is that office building from behind Hulk and Draxx it looks so cool as a backdrop.

    1. The pic was supplied by KM but I'm sure it's the back of their handmade Wayne Tower for a show.

  4. I know this is kind of a warmachine term but is there a collateral damage type effect if you a model into a larger object/model? So hulk picks up rocket and throws him info a size 8 building for example anything special/extra happen because of it?

    1. Not as such. Anything bigger then the thrown model will stop it.
      The damage comes from how hard they are thrown at it.


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