Monday 24 November 2014

Useful 35mm Marvel and Batman Game Links

Recently I have been asked several questions about the Knight Models ranges like "Where do I get those?" and "Does that one have rules?"So I thought I would put together a list of useful links for anyone looking into the Batman, Spider-Man, DC and Marvel models and games.

Knight Models - Producers of the DC (and previously Marvel) 35mm ranges and games
Knight Models Facebook Page

KM Sidekicks - Official Event / Demo team

Batman FAQ - Latest Nov 2016
Batman Batmatch - Tournament Rules for BMG

Marvel Universe Rules (Product Data Sheet)
FAQ for Marvel Mini Games - Includes Spiderman Game cards new scenarios
ALL Marvel Cards - Including Thanos, Loki, Venom and Elektra

DC Universe Rules PDF (Product Data Sheet) - Plus over 20 Batman to DCU stat cards

Arkham City Limits Facebook Group
Marvel / DC Universe Facebook Group

Batman Model Range - Batman Game Models
Marvel Universe Model Range - Marvel Universe Game models (Now OOP)
Arkham Legends Range - Buildings, Batmobiles and more
Spider-Man Model Range - Spider-Man Game models (Now OOP)

Marvel Universe - An Intro - What is the Marvel Universe Game?
Marvel Universe - The Rules - An outline of the game rules
Marvel Universe - Factions + Team Building - What the Factions are and how to build a team.
Marvel Universe - Who works with who? - A list of all releases and who they work with.
Marvel Universe - What you need - Starter contents and what else you need to play
Marvel Universe - Character Cards - Card layout and what it all means
Marvel Universe - Scenery and Throwing - How to destroy and throw terrain in game

Spider-Man - What is it? - What is the Spider-Man Minis game?
Spider-Man - The Rules - What are and where to find the Spider-Man rules
Spider-Man - Building a Team - How to build a team to play
Spider-Man - Who works for who? - All releases and which teams they work for

Hero Builder - Official Batman / Spider-Man Crew builder

BMG - What is it? - What is the Batman Game?
Making a Batman Team - How to build a crew to play with
Batman - Who works for Who?  - A list of all releases and which crews they work for.
The Price of Playing Batman  - How much the game costs to play.
Crew Data-Bank  - Reino de Juegos Blog

Batman on Wayland Games  - Blog
Batman on Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher - Blog
Spider-Man on Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher - Blog
Batman on Crits Kill People - Blog / Web
Batman on Cheaphammer  - Blog
Batman on Skirmish Wargaming  - Blog
Big Comic Page - Articles
Batman on Six Up Save - Blog
La Mazmorra del Poliedro - Blog (Spanish)
Reino de Juegos - Blog Spanish (Spanish)
La Biblioteca de Alfred - Blog (Spanish)
El Sobacode Batman - Blog (Spanish)

UK Online Retailers - Wayland Games / Troll Trader / Element Games / Firestorm Games / The Outpost / Facebook Batman Buy + Sell

Scenery and Terrain - Fenris Games / Sarissa Precision / Ainsty CastingsArmorcast / Timeline Miniatures / Impudent Mortal / Micro Art Studio / Multiverse Gaming / Angry Mojo Games / TTCombat

Model Bases - Fenris Games / Micro Art Studio / Gladius Game Arts / Secret Weapon Miniatures

- Please comment with any links you think need to be here.


  1. if you want you can post my blog. It is in spanish, we talk about Batman miniature too. this is the URL:

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Now been added.

  2. There's is another blog I'm going to be contributing to it shortly

    1. Let me know when there is a Knight section and I will add it to the list.

  3. stocks BMG

  4. There's an unofficial forum for the BMG and SMG. It's brand new but is meant to function as a replacement for the spambot infested official forums.

    New forums are found at:


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