Monday 3 November 2014

Why all this Marvel and DC? Where's Everything Else?

Now ToaTS is back up and running, I thought I would take the time to let people know what's been happening here for the last year and why things have changed.

Just over a year ago, we had our second son Nathan.
With 2 children there was obviously going to be less hobby time so I decided to clear out the games that rarely seen any use. Dystopian Wars, Dystopian Legions, Legends of the High Seas etc.

After Nathan was born we discovered he had several medical issues. He spent 3 weeks in hospital to start with and then we have had weekly appointments and hospital visits since.
With the extra costs of running to and from the hospital (an hour away) and the extra time and care he needed I needed to cut back the gaming collection even more.
Dreadball, Deadzone. Sails of Glory and a couple of other games that spent more time in cases than on the table went to new homes.

That left me with X-Wing, Pulp City, Warmachine, Deep Wars and 40K.

At this point I decided to shut down the blog for a while and just keep to the ToaTS Facebook page as I could update that quickly wherever I was.
After a while, that was also getting a bit much but a few other gamers fored a little team to help me run it.
People like WJ and the Hairy Hobbit have been fantastic at keeping it updated with tons of gaming news and their own projects.

Soon I found out that one of my two passions was getting a tabletop game!
Star Trek Attack Wing was on the scene. As the system is the same as X-Wing I knew I would love it. Being more of  Trekkie than an Ewok (What do they call Star Wars fans?), The X-Wing was traded in to start an ever growing Star Trek collection.
I plan to start posting some Attack Wing info in the near future but for now it's more of a display collection than a game.

Back at the start of the year, the Pulp City Kickstarter was a huge success. As a ton of new rules and models were coming by Christmas, Pulp got put on the back burner for a while until all the new goodies arrive. With a massive box of models here soon, you will probably be seeing quite a lot of it on here.

Half way through the year, my local gaming club closed down. With other clubs being at least an hour away and less free time than I had a year ago, this meant a couple more game were not going to get touched.
Warmachine and 40K both got split up and ended spread around the world.

After Star Trek, I didn't think gaming could get much better. Then the Marvel range of models appeared!
My other big passion has now hit the gaming world, Marvel Comics!
While these models don't have any rules at the moment, they will do soon as Knight Models are working on a Supers book.

As I picked up the Marvel minis, I started to look deeper into what else Knight Models had to offer. The Batman range looked stunning so I picked up a couple of minis, read some DC comics, watched some DC movies and realised what I had been missing all these years just sticking to Marvel.
I was hooked. The Batman collection started to get bigger and bigger as I got drawn into the world more and more.
It also helped that out oldest son James loves Batman and Spiderman so he wanted to get involved whenever a new Knight Models delivery turned up.

So, that was very roughly my last year in the gaming world.

While he still has issues that need a lot of support and care, Nathan is doing amazingly well and turns 1 on the 12th of this month. James is 3 six days later and we are having trouble trying to get the Spiderman costume off of him from Halloween on Friday unless it's to put his Batman t-shirt on.

Batman is great fun, Marvel gets rules soon, Star Trek lets me replay all my favourite childhood episodes and Pulp City hits with the Supreme Edition in a matter of weeks.

All in all, a lot has changed in 12 months, but things are great right now!

- Hendybadger


  1. Sorry to hear about all the problems, but glad all is as well as can be for now - having that trouble with batman/Spider-Man outfits does sound a bit cooler than me having to talk my eldest daughter out of wearing her "Frozen" outfit all the time ;)

    Hope all continues to go well and glad to see you're back.

    1. Frozen is cool too Tea, but looking forward to HB coverage of Pulp City i really need more people into the knight models game as its really good

      Ian glad things are looking up for you cant wait to see me :)

    2. that should so be more not me lol

    3. It's all going really well. Thanks!

      I can't complain, my son keep wanting me to dress as Deadpool and fight.

      Much more Pulp City and Knight Models to come in the near future!

    4. You're right of course about Frozen being "cool" (i see what you did there) and, in fairness, I'd jump straight onto the kickstarter for "Frozen: the tabletop miniature skirmish battle game".

      As long as they nerfed Elsa's abilities that is..... freeze rays, summoning snow monsters, defeating evil princes.... talk about OP! ;)

    5. Haha. My wife would be all over a Frozen game.

  2. Glad to hear things are looking up for y'all.

    1. Yeah, things are pretty good right now. Cheers.

  3. Nothing wrong with Quality over quantity and subject matter that isn't the mainstream 40k is always nice to help people expand their skills/ tastes in painting and gaming :)

    1. I have always wanted to cover the lesser known games out there and get more people seeing them. Just now it's down to the ones I really, really like.


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