Wednesday 26 November 2014

Batman Themed Crews: 200 Rep Starters

After my Crew Building and Themed Crews posts, I thought it would be a good idea to set up some starter forces for each.
These then give me a place to start the painting for each crew and a selection of models to learn how each crew works and the differences between them.
150 Reputation is the smallest game, but it has been suggested to me that 200 Rep is a good place to start, so that's what I will go for. Well, with a couple of points either way. It also allows me to get some rule and weapon variety in each.
Below are the lists I'm going to start with. All the models can be found on the Knight Models site HERE

To start with it's going to be two sets of good guys. Then a set of villains for each movie, series or comic I'm working from.

Leader: Batman (Arkham) - 130 Rep - $0 - Batarang and all the Bat toys
Free Agent: Robin (Arkham Drake) - 68 Rep - $200 - Bo, Flash Grenade, Batclaw

Green Arrow
Leader / Sidekick: Green Arrow - 117 Rep - $300 - Arrow, Special Arrow, Hook Arrow
Free Agent: Huntress - 66 Rep - $100 - Hand Crossbow, Bo
Henchman: Policeman - 16 Rep - $0 - Baton

Batman Movie / Arkham Games
Leader: Joker (Arkham) - 90 Rep - $0 - Explosive Teeth, Poisoned Knife, One Shot Gun
Sidekick: Harley Quinn (Arkham) - 61 Rep - $0 - Reinforced Bat
Henchman: August - 25 Rep - $0 - Axe
Henchman: Sniggering - 25 Rep - $600 - Assault Rifle

Batman Returns
Leader: Penguin - 75 Rep - $0 - Umbrella Cannon, Umbrella Blade, Lord of Business
Free Agent: Catwoman - 66 Rep - $0 - Whip, Retractable Claws
Henchman: Royal Penguin - 24 Rep - $600 - Assault Rifle
Henchman: Blue Penguin - 15 Rep - $300 - Automatic Gun
Henchman: Blue Penguin - 17 Rep - $0 - Axe

Batman Forever
Leader: Two Face - 101 Rep - $0 - Thompson, Reinforced Gloves
Free Agent: Riddler - 69 Rep - $0 - ? Baton
Henchman: Twoowt - 15 Rep - $0 - Mallet
Henchman: Twoowt - 12 Rep - $0 - Knife

Batman + Robin
Leader: Bane (Arkham) - 150 Rep - $0 - Reinforced Gloves, Titan Doses
Henchman: Turk (Backgate) - 25 Rep - $400 - 2 Handguns
Henchman: Blackgate Prisoner 1 - 17 Rep - $0 - Bigstikka
Henchman: Blackgate Prisoner 2 -10 Rep - $0 - Tube

Leader: Ra's Al Ghul - 120 Rep - $0 - Sword
Henchman: Yang - 30 Rep - $0 - Katana
Henchman: Seeker - 27 Rep - $200 - Bow, Poison Arrow
Henchman: Shadow - 26 Rep - $100 - Bo, Smoke Bomb

Gotham City Sirens
Leader: Poison Ivy (Comic) - 83 Rep - $0 - Toxic Nails
Free Agent / Sidekick; Harley Quinn (Comic) - 75 Rep - $0 - Mallet
Henchman: Spore Plant - 20 Rep - $150 - Spore Sheath
Henchman: Creeper Plant - 16 Rep - $0 - Creeper
Henchman: Plant - 10 Rep - $0 - Root

What do you think of these lists?
Is there anything you would add, remove or change?

Check out all the models at the Knight Models Page

- Hendybadger


  1. Uhhhhhhh, uhm,
    What exactly are you going for here- These lists don't seem particularly balanced to each other- or efficent to their own roles
    At 200 rep, you have 1000$ to work with, so you are way under money on all lists.

    At 200 points as well, things are beyond the basic "starter" size (some of these are multiple purchases)- so I would HIGHLY encourage you to keep to the point limits- many of these lists are 2+ points over (inconsistently). This will create balance issues that make intro games less fun.

    Try to create a specific focus for each gang (joker- swarm, Penguin- free agents, Batman-batclaw etc) and then keep things tuned to that.

    Does this help?

    1. These lists are starting points for what I want to do with each force.
      I haven't added the $ equipment as I may want to change what they use between games.
      I went for 200 as it was suggested to me that it's a good place to start playing and the multiple purchases are fine as it models I already own.

      For intro games for others I am going to look at the 150 rep level and keep each hang themed.

    2. Ah- ok, so more your direction for your lists, righto.

      Again- try to stay under the point limits you have set yourself- It REALLY sucks (I have moaned about it on the forums) but some of the point values are specifically set to avoid certain combinations.

      I would consider swapping Riddler (or SOMEONE) into BANE's crew. His list is lacking in any kind of board control (turk's gun isnt long enough range- and bane cant get up places). Batman especially can comfortably beat him and his list down without any retribution (as soon as drake drops the grenade on bane- batman can swoop in and deal enough damage to drop him).

      Put more guns and people into Two-face's list, and clean up bane's list. Here is a possible different setup:

      200rep (exactly)- 800$
      MG Twoowt

      And either (to use the models you have)-
      Stick Prisoner
      Mallet Twoowt
      Knife Twoowt
      Pipe Prisoner

      or with a single purchase- (same rep but 150$ cheaper)
      Knife Twoowt
      Pipe Prisoner

      BIG Bane could be just him and a high Security henchman with a batclaw- they are a pretty efficient team.

      League- consider using Yin instead of Yang- Combo with Katana is GREAT, and you can even buy him climbing shoes

    3. These list are already on the painting table, but your suggestions are great for the next step of each.

      For my own games I want to build towards and using these themes - Keeping within the limits of each.


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