Wednesday 5 November 2014

Batman: The Rules - Stat Cards

Over the next few weeks I plan to post a series of articles on the rules for the Batman Minis Game from Knight Models. Taking a look at each part of the game separately.
You can find the current rulebook as a FREE download HERE.

To start off, I'm going to look at the one item almost every post will refer back to. The STAT CARD!

Above you can see the two types of Stat Cards that all models for the Batman game come with. The top longer one is the older design and the bottom wider one is the new design. From now on, new models will have the wider cards.

Lets take a closer look at the card for the Penguin and break it down section by section.

At the top of the card you have-
PICTURE: Shows you the model this card is for.
NAME: This is the characters 'real' name. You can't take 2 versions of the same person.
ALIAS: The Hero or Villain name they are known by.
RANK: This will either be Leader, Sidekick, Henchman or Free Agent
AFFILIATE: The crew this character works for. Unknown means anyone. It also shows the crew logo.

Next we have the weapons they carry.
Weapon Name
DAMAGE: This shows how many Blood or Stun damage the weapon causes.
ROF: How many shots the weapon gets if it is ranged.
AMMO: How many times the ranged weapon can be used per game. More Ammo can be found.
SPECIAL: Any special traits the weapon has including the range.
I will look at weapon traits closer in a later post.

Under weapons is the Traits section.
PERSONAL TRAITS: These are any of the standard special rules this character has. They can be offensive, defensive, alter the way a crew is picked and more.
SPECIAL TRAITS: This section usually contains one or two Traits that are specific to this model or type of model only. Penguin's lets him spend more on recruiting and pick multiples of the Loot Objective. These show he has a lot of money and is willing to use it.
Again, more on Traits in another post.

The next part is needed for crew building.
REPUTATION: This is the 'points' that it costs to take the model in your crew.
$ FUNDING: This cash amount is taken out of the $500 per 150 Rep when crew building. Big characters don't usually have an amount here as all of their equipment is accounted for in their basic rules.

STRENGTH: This is the dice roll you need to damage in target in close combat.
WILLPOWER: These are your Action Counters that you can spend in different ways to make your character do things in game.

The final section is where you use your Willpower Action Counters.
Each turn they are placed in which ever of these boxes you choose (except Endurance) before activating the model. Each can then be used for different things.
The number shows the max amount of counters that can be placed in each section. They are also that stats used when an opponent wants to hit you or block an attack.

MOVEMENT (MC): Counters here become Movement Counters. They can be used to do things like Run, Jump and other movement based actions.
ATTACK (AC): Attack Counters let you use Offensive actions.
DEFENSE (DC): Defense Counters help you attempt to Block incoming attacks.
ENDURANCE: This is the amount of punishment a character can take before they go down. Stun and Blood markers from damage get placed here. When the Stat is reached, they have fallen.
SPECIAL (SC): Special Counters can do all sorts of things including using Special Attacks and be combined with other Counters. For example, Run costs 1 MC and 1 SC.

Now you know what each different line and stat means, the next post will look at the first thing you are going to want to do.
Build a Crew!

- Hendybadger


  1. Just wanted to say I've been really enjoying all your Batman posts. I started playing a few months back and your site's been a great source of info on the different crews. Cheers :-)

  2. Thanks. Once, I have covered all the rules, I want to start doing posts about different crew builds.


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