Tuesday 11 November 2014

New Marvel + DC Mini Releases - Lobo, Thanos, Black Canary and More!

Knight Models have just posted up the November releases for their 35mm Marvel and DC ranges.
They are stunning! All of the DC characters this month can be used in the Batman Minis Game.

First up is the Main Man Lobo! This intergalactic bounty hunter has found himself in Gotham City and will join forces with almost any villain there is. You can see his rules HERE

Next is the only Marvel release this month. Thanos of Titan! Cosmic Cubes, Infinity Gauntlets and more are his tools to please Lady Death. Some of you may recognise him from the clip at the end of Avengers or in Guardians of the Galaxy.
Thanos doesn't have rules yet but I can't wait for the Marvel rules to come out so he can see some table time.

The Green Arrow and Batman get a new Free Agent in the form of Dinah Lance a.k.a Black Canary.
Arrow fans may know her as Sarah Lance instead. (Did he do it?)
You can find Black Canary's rules HERE

With the release of Black Canary, Knight Models have also released a Birds of Prey set with Huntress and Batgirl as well.

The Green Arrow gets even more support with the addition of his Sidekick Speedy. Roy Harper is also know as Arsenal and the Red Arrow. I hope this means there will be a Red Hood soon for some Outlaws fun.
Speedy's rules are HERE

The new scenery line continues with 2 more sets.
The MDF Construction set comes with a Wayne skip, Queen skip, pallet and two barriers

The next set is a pair of Gotham City Dumpsters. These seem to even have working lids. Think I need a couple for my new board. ;)

With all the Green Arrow love this month, he gets even more with some great looking green acrylic Arrow symbol markers. Perfect for using as Action Counters.

The final release for this month is a second set of Gargoyles. This can give your terrain the real Gotham dark and gothic look.

Which of the November releases are you looking forward to getting your hands on?

Check them all out at the Knight Models Page and chat to other fans on Facebook in the Arkham City Limits and Marvel / Superhero Miniatures groups.

- Hendybadger


  1. Oh lord....more stuff to spend my money on!!! I dont make it fast enough!!!! Thanks for the awesome updates.


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