Monday 19 November 2012

Batman Miniature Game - Rules Info

First off I would like to say a huge Happy Birthday to out son James who was 1 yesterday. Being a dad for a whole year has been great!
I would also like to say a massive thank you to my wife who arranged a personal email from Serj Tankian, lead singer from System of a Down,  for me this morning. Made my day.

The day keeps getting better though. I had contact on here this morning from Gustavo Adolfo Cuadrado Egea.
Gustavo is the rules developer for the Batman Miniatures Game from Knight Models.

There is lots of information about the game on his blog Mistycball (link) but it is in Spanish and most of the readers here speak English.
So to save you the effort of running the pages through a translator, I have done that myself and reblogged the Batman posts below!

All these are from Gustavos Mistycball Blog via Google Translate

Introduction to Miniature Game BATMAN.

The Batman game engine is an original idea of ​​mine, forged over time to improve the systems already on the market.

Years ago when we thought for other developments I was thinking with my partners and discussing the idea of'' basis'' Action Points would be taking power in the world of wargames and miniatures games. This has been happening as supposed to be the future of many games that have come out over the last 5-6 years.

Still, the idea came to me almost 10 years ago appeared not reflected in any game can be similar but not the same. Over time I have been purging it and gradually as been creating something original, novel and with a lot of versatility to the world of miniatures games.

I was constantly thinking how to improve there games, as there are always details that do not like about each one (I've always been very jugon tournament and almost everything that passes through my hands), so it took shape as power give more life and better differentiate the character profiles of a game without having to get to create many statistics to reflect the characteristics. And here I saw the light in the stock is where it should be the main potential of a character profile.

I have to admit that the game system is adapted to my original idea because premises that Knight MODELS wanted in his game and that seemed completely valid and reasonable to try to open your product to more people and make it viable in the long we had to develop it.

The engine is a further development of the idea of action items that miniatures can spend during their activation, but to make it more tactical is a pre-planning phase where where they will spend those actions under this premise therefore MODELS Knight as my partner were delighted.

Once we had the premises of the brand and the engine got to work at it.

Miniature Batman Game is a turn-based miniature game, here is something that many of you and wait you could imagine, is quite clear, but I will introduce you a little as consisting advance the game engine.

Spoiler Alert .... (story somewhat short of what you will see when the game).

The first thing as always is to create a band, this part you will love the variety that will be quite broad.

The world of Batman is quite closed and there are many variations in the background because they are over 65 years of comics, many series, movies ... etc etc

Because of this the idea of ​​faction bothered us a bit because we rejected that only had two:
Heroes and villains.

Well it will not, the idea is that there bandleaders as Joker, Penguin, Two-Face .... and they could fight each other well. On the other hand many people from the world of Batman is not so important in their background and can say without a band of their own, they have called these free agents and may go in more than one band since according to that point history and background are allied with one or the other. After each leader on the other hand men may carry or use one of these to replace the leader, these henchmen modify the way you play with that band as acting specifically and his henchmen.
Each character will have a value of reputation (and we call it in our games and is the equivalent to what other games cost or simply called points), apart from some characters will cost USD reputation because they have some rule or expensive equipment and outside Usually, the dollars will be worth to set the band as additional equipment tables for Henchmen.

More or less this is a very basic introduction was configured as a band.

Now talk a little above how to play.

The shift will consist of several phases, we have called upon Prepare the Plan, which is where we're putting the counters of action of each character (by feature Grounds) on the same card, and thus more or less will know that you have to make each of the characters in the band during the activation phase (note that the plan is open and the opponent can see where you have placed the action tokens each thumbnail), this idea does very tactical game.

Then comes the activation phase of the thumbnails, which will alternate shifts each character after activation (eye!!! Since Henchmen can try activated consecutively).

By activating a character this may take action as action tokens spending has placed them in different skills as you shall see in the manual, and according to special rules may be doing one thing or another like Batman to use his or throw a Batarang Batgarra , Bane a dose of Titan, an Insane Clown Laugh use your ... etc etc, and you will discover as figures out the potential of each character and their rules. In this sense we tried that the characters are what most charismatic possible as requested by the background and we want people to feel that identification with comics, video games and movies of this wonderful world.

After activation phase comes the final turn with the resolution of effects and recovery of the characters (if you read that right people can recover bruises received during the game and even up the KO).

There will be scenarios (as it will not have as dramatic if any in game), but little so far I can tell, I prefer that you discover yourself when the game is available.

I am eager to tell you more things but I have to leave you as I continue working on the development of the game though not enough to consume many hours of my life since I started with him.

Regards and hope that you have removed doubts about what you expected from this game.


Band of the Joker.

Here I start talking a little band of my favorite character from DC Comics, Jack Napier aka The Joker.

The first, as you can imagine, will be a band leader (as stated in another slang, is a proper faction).

Advancement and that will be one of the first figures go on sale in a 'pack' with some of his henchmen (clowns).

The miniature is based on the latest video games and profile just as thinking about that idea.
We try our best to have the characters faithfully reflected in their rules, so for example to those who have played the game, you can see many similarities with this character like smiling jaws flying exploiting his knife etc etc. .. .

This band will be oriented to the opponent Chaotic, never know for sure that you do in your activations, giving enough potential to his minions when accompanied by their leader, in this case the Joker. Likewise Harley Quinn is based on the game and act as Joker Confidence Woman, what does this mean?, simple as Harley Quinn may act as band leader (Without having the same potential as a leader), or can be used as support for a band led by the Joker.

Joker's little more I will say, I want that you discover yourself, is very original and fun to play with him in the Testing and feared.

Harley Quinn slightly modifies the way the band play; gives mobility to the minions who are close to her and has a lot of potential as it has one of the rules that I like personally in the'' games'' Debuff, the His has been called Disorder.

Clowns, I can say you are one of them ... I love brutal figures.
Are likewise created based on the aesthetics of the game and are separated into three types, as it has in some way they are maintained Elite rule (you can only carry one in the band of this type), the'' Named '' their own name as it were, then we would have the most basic minion or henchman who will bring all that you wish while you get reputation points.

These minions are very similarly characterized both in sculpture and in the rules, because as you can see when you have in your hands that many of these clowns have mental disorders that work in different ways in the game.

Later you can expand the band's Joker with more minions, other characters that are closely linked, with free agents at some point have worked with him or been helped by a common goal in their background and some surprises more timely.

I have not decided my main band, if it's the Joker with   support   Harley Quinn, but 2 Caras also love and mechanics developed for the penguin is from my point of view very tactical. Well I have a personal problem is that I like all the bands of this game.
I must say that the issue is quite balanced in Testing previous bands we have done and mechanics varies depending on free agents incorporated into each band.
Have you already decided your band.?

Best regards, thank you all for the support.



First will clarify some doubts which I think are of interest.

Reading much national and international forums, I've noticed something of great concern to the people who will be Batman and who is not.
Well not to worry, I think we will all be satisfied in the long run, because, as was said earlier there will be surprises (I liked be patient), the background varies greatly times, comics and movies, this goes a long creative work.

Note that a background as huge as this, deserves equally magnanimous work when creating factions to be playable, entertaining and balanced.

We have worked hard to take into account the many variables that can have a character when either join, and after many long hours of discussions and round we took some decisions that are the most successful, although it may not rain please everyone.

The other question is the size of the thumbnails for the sets and others, scales, so you are never clear. Many testers play with the scenery which have always used.

I believe that this issue should not worry so much the player, I think it can be worth a lot of scenery that you may have already done at home, in the club or in the store where you go to play normally.

Furthermore note that this is overseen by Warner, is an official product and they should give the nod to everything.

I'll talk a little about the main character, as many suppose that will be a leader, Batman.

Batman The band will be one of the most versatile, not only have many allies clear as Nightwing, Robin, Commissioner Gordon, often Gotham Police (these will have to go with a villain, much corrupt Gotham). etc. .. etc..
Spoiler Alert!!

Batman can even ally with Bane!!

Do not be concerned about that, because the number of variations to be very high when setting a band when there are enough market figures.

About Batman as little I can say other than it will be a character that will be the most expensive

and they will always have their tools with which to take advantage in combat.

The band as I say Batman offers versatility, with even more Nightwing with Robin mobility, Gordon already discover, that is very original and played with him.

The police will have different types and variables, from the common to the police with their own name and are best known, also as I said some other surprises ....

Then think about the amount of free agents who will join their ranks.

In summary the band is less stereotyped all my mind, you can also make a band more thematic, such as armed police and with a clear advantage for the headlights (remember that is always played at night).


Free Agent:'''' Killer Croc

You talk a little about the skills of a particular character, and I will focus mainly on free agents because their ability to go in more than one band, make them very attractive when playing them.

For that reason, I think they deserve a brief article individually on each of them, as far as possible and that every time my time is more limited.

Free agent first installment of Batman Miniature Game.

I present to Killer Croc.
Suffers from a disease called multiple Hipercrátosis, which has mutated and become what it is today.
Their claws are incredible strength like his skin, all due to this mutation also affects the brain, why is a maniac and in turn have improved senses becoming more acute.
He lives in the sewers of Gotham from his dedication to his criminal activities.

Your membership is unknown, you can go on any band except that of Batman and Bane as he feels hatred for both.

Killer Croc offers several interesting things to your band.

First is a really hard and with very good skills of combat, being a large character can overwhelm their enemies.
Their claws make the difference when kill their enemies, and makes it hard skin hurt him really hard, so it is an opponent to fear when you have it in front of you.

Subsoil is Lord of Gotham, will be without sewers to the maximum number of models that may be in them, and the owner will get additional sewer marker at the start of the game .... A very advantage keep in mind, when you see the manuals and check what rules sewers can offer the games.

It has a high motivation, much like any band leader, and his attack value is comparable to that of Batman and Bane.
Defensively being Great is an easy target for the shooting and beating its rivals, but its resistance is high.

In short it is a character in combat devastating, but with a high tactical factor because you can do based strategies sewer outlets looking on the ground that can be decisive.

Miniature Batman Game. Play-Card Preview.

Best of all, in this post I will briefly refencia the profile card Miniature Game Batman character. It is quite visual and give you a clear idea of ​​what you can expect when you open your boxes of miniatures.

Later when the game informs you to download more carefully on how to use the values ​​and sections of the card.

Procedo has avanzaros card Miniature Game Batman Character:

1-About Character: Where indicated your name, alias and rank within the band.
The Name and Alias ​​is given that can not be repeated characters, you can not take the time to Bruce Wayne as Batman for example in your selection of Banda. Only profiles that may be repeated in its range with an asterisk because his name will be known and common Alias.
For example: Gotham Police and Clowns.

2-Affiliation: Here is where you can include the character bands, if you put unknown means you can go with whomever you want.

3-Armament Weapons possessed by the character with his description and game data. Come the type of damage, rate of fire if a ranged weapon and ammunition, in addition to the special rules of their own weapon.

4-Personal skills: The skills the character possesses, to come disclosed in personal skills.

5-Special Abilities: This reflects a special ability and unique character will have no other rule will itself written in this section ..

6-Reputation: The character's point cost in your band.

7-Cost in Dollars: A secondary cost some characters require time to be recruited for your band, as they have some type of equipment or skill more exclusive.

8-Character Strength: When you need to use force, here is reflected the value of the roll to be overcome in a dice roll to make it a success.

9-Motivation: This is the most important feature of a character, as it indicates the number of counters of action likely to spend the character for one turn.

10-Movement: Indicates the ability of the same character.

11-Attack: Indicates the offensive capability of the character.

12-Defense: Indicates the character's defensive ability.

13-Resistance: Indicates the carrying capacity of the character.

Special 14: Indicates the ability to perform special actions of the character.

NOTE: Values ​​12/11/10 and 14 also indicate the number of counters of Action may be placed in the reserve itself when machining the Plan in turn.

This page belongs to Batman is already sold, I guess with the release of the game will be downloadable for those who bought the figure without the card, because the old blister.

It's just a preview of the cards that come with miniatures.

A great work of the staff of Knight Models in design.
What do people think of the posts above?
Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Looks like an interesting game, but the price and scale are both very limiting. A great concept but I feel is going to fade away quickly, I give this a very short shelf life. I don't see Knight Miniatures keeping this around longer than a few years as most and will drop it once they see their profit to investment in the project are not where they want it to be. I think if they shifted the size down (or at least the price) they would have had more fans jumping on board.

    Gaming is like anything else in this economy, we are pinching our pennies left and right. Why am I going to buy a Ferrari of gaming when I can buy a cheaper, fuel conserving car and get cheaper insurance that you will see more on the road (or in this case on the table).

    1. I think it will be interesting to see where the game goes

    2. Agreed, styx. But thanks for the legwork, Hendy!

    3. I might have to use a different translator next time. :)

  2. Replies
    1. No worries. Just thought it might be easier for people to see it all in one place

  3. 14 Euros just for one mini... Not bad if you are a serious collector, but for a regular gamer's budget I imagine is too much. Licensing rights are probably a reason for these high prices, no?

    Still, looks like it'd be fun and the minis I have seen are up to Knight Models usual fine standard.

    1. I expect that is the main reason. Plus they are 35mm not the usual 28-30mm most of us are familiar with.

  4. It was a bit too hard for me to read personally...I hope there is a bit more clarity on mechanism as time passes...

    1. Do you mean the translation?

    2. I think Hendy use google translator when i'll have the oficial translation i`ll plubish it.

    3. That woudl be awesome Gustavo. Thanks

  5. Trying to read around the translation, it sounds a lot like Malifaux, with Masters, Minions and Henchmen, actions and unique and non-unique abilities.

    Do we know if it's dice-based and what dice are being used? I didn't notice him talk about either combat mechanics or how activations occur. If it's IGOUGO, then what's the planning phase for?

    I can't say I'm over excited about this release, but I'm waiting with great interest.

    1. Hio.
      D6- IGOUGO.The planning phase its a new concept, where u need to prepare your actions and your enemy can see what you could do...and viceversa.

  6. Hi,
    I already own Batman, the policemen and the Joker crew (my favourites).
    The miniatures are nothing short of amazing and I am really looking forward to the rules release (hope Knight models publishes English rules in December).
    The price is high but not exceptionally so, considering:
    1. The miniatures are 32mm
    2. You don´t need a lot of minis
    3. The rules will most likely be for free
    4. Other companies demand the same prices or even more for similar minis.

  7. Totally agree with ferrus
    The scale is 32mm Hendy, I´m painting Killer Croc now and I must say that it costs every penny I paid, It´s 70mm tall!
    Sorry, my english is bad

    1. On the Knight Models page it says BAtman is 35mm and a comparison posted recently shows he is MUCH migger than some 30mm models -

    2. You are right Hendy, they state the scale of Batman as 35mm.
      However, I have to say that Batman is the tallest miniature in my collection (except for the clown with the tall hat). He is even taller than the Joker. It does not look weird when you place them next to each other, but I wonder whether they downsized the other minis a bit, considering the Batman miniature has been available for some time before the game was announced.
      Then again, maybe it is just 35mm. I do not own a lot of 32mm or 35mm minis to compare with and they differ so much in style that I can´t tell.

    3. Do you have a pick of them all together by any chance?

    4. Sent you a few pics to your email account.
      Hope that helps.

    5. Thanks so much ferrus01. Will check them out

  8. Hi there, its now Feb 2013, any sign of official rules for this game in English?

    1. I haven't seen ANY news onthe English rules yet IM afraid

  9. The english rules are ready Hendy you can find the link on my blog.

    Enjoy =)

  10. Thanks Gustavo. Will share the link.


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