Wednesday 28 November 2012

Review: Secret Weapon Minis Trench Works Resin Bases

Secret Weapon Miniatures have given me the great opportunity to look over a couple their resin base ranges.
I decided to check out the Trench Works range to start with as I thought they would fit really well with my Dystopian Legions forces.

Justin very kindly sent over a selection of 30mm and 40mm round lipped (DS) bases to have a play with.

This is how the bases arrive. Much more professional looking than some bases I have used before.
The 30mm comes in sets of 10 and the 40mm in sets of 5.
Lets have a look at the 30mm set to start with.
Shots from 2 different sides of the bases.

My first thought was WOW!
These bases are jam packed full of detail. Everything from corrugated iron to floor planks and even puddles you can fill with water effect.
I couldn't spot any mould remnant like you can sometimes find on resin casts.
The edges of the bases were almost perfect. A quick run over with the back of a craft knife is all they need to be use able.
Another thing to watch out for on resin bases is the bottom of the base itself. Quite often then can be lop sided. But not these! Flat as you can get.

Each base is different and the detail isn't mirrored on them so you can have huge amount of bases without looking the same by just facing your models in different directions on them.
Some of the parts that stand out for me are the puddles, vehicle tracks, iron wall, sandbags and what appears to be some sort of grenade crater.

You can see these more clearly in the painted picture at the top of this post.

Time for the larger size - 40mm.

The quality of the casts in these larger bases was just as good as the small ones. A little bit of raised resin on 1 side of 1 base but that takes seconds to remove with a file.

As you would expect, bigger bases mean more room to play with effects and details.
This set keeps the same feel as the smaller ones with planks, space for puddles, craters and iron walls.
They also add in what looks like some sort of piping or artillery shell casings.

Overall I am very impressed. These will look great on any 1900s war miniatures or for your favourite Steampunk game.
Once I have them on minis and painted up I will be able to give a bit more of an insight.
Expect to see them soon as I get into the Dystopian Legions games.

To see the rest of the base ranges, check out Secret Weapon Miniatures

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Justin does a great at Secret Weapon. I know him and he only puts out the best product. He will only ship out those bases that have no holes, are not lopsided, or have any defects. He is certainly a master of his craft and I appreciate it very much as well!

  2. I agree, I have many of them, and they are reasonably priced.

    Tyrant Swabs :)

  3. Is it a SW base on your Freebooter?


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