Wednesday 21 November 2012

Pulp City Monsters Expansion is HERE!!!!!!!

The day has come. The Badger feels like he is having an early Christmas.

The Pulp City Monster Rules have been posted!!!!!!

You can find them >>HERE<<

An expansion to the 'Supreme' miniatures game where Heroes and Villains battle for control of the city.
Now they can battle against MASSIVE Monsters that are on a rampage!

Or why not just use Monsters? Have 2 of them clashing in an urban area. Using cars, shipping containers and even buildings as weapons.

Expect to see HUGE natural Beasts, GIGANTIC mysterious Elders and COLOSSAL scientific Robots.

Not only that, the expansion contains the next step in the Pulp City story. The 'Fall of Pulp City'

Head over and check it out >>HERE<<

Over the next few days I will be looking at the rules and posting a full review. I will also be having a dig through the new fluff and seeing what hints to the future of Pulp City I can find.
Then its time to look at some 'not so' minis to use!

As a little teaser there will also be several other things coming up over the next couple of weeks
- Thoughts on the Paint the City Pink Charity Auction
- Reviews of 3 different Secret Weapon base sets
- A closer look at the Dystopian Legions rules, Prussian starter set and Britnannian starter set
- Info on the new version of AE WWII
- Kickstarter updates from Deep Wars
- Gaming on Facebook
and a whole lot more


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