Friday 23 November 2012

The Fall of Pulp City - Future Hints in the Fluff?

In the new Pulp City Monsters expansion there is an awesome time line called the 'Fall of Pulp City'.
A massive amount of background that take Pulp City from the late 80s to the early 90s.

While reading through it I found lots of different names that I didn't recognise as well as several hints to possible future Supremes, Minions and Monsters. On top of that are a selection of Monster with their own stories. Brand new additions to the City.
(Most of the Artwork is from Melvin de Voor)

In today's post I will go through the 'Fall of Pulp City' and pick out all of these teasers and new goodies. I will also add any more information I have on these characters.
If you haven't read it yet I would like to quote Dr River Song - "Spoilers...."

The story begins May 20th 1989

Quilong - The fluff begins with the appearance of a mighty green Chinese dragon called Quilong

Red Bella - Intelligent ape mentioned as the leader of A.R.C. (Ape Revolution Committee) Her artwork is in the Pulp City Guide and she is due out very soon.

Grandfather Tiger - A massive Beast attacking the city. Controlled by the Tigers Claw amulet.

The Phoenix - Giant flaming bird. Crimson Oni holds the Phoenix Feather amulet. Attacks the city but then turns on the other Monsters.

Green Emperor - Leader of the Jade Cult and holds the ability to release and control Monsters.
He is due out in the next miniature release and the model has been seen.

Tank Red - Working with Mysterious Man. Tank Red has also been mentioned previously by Morf and is in the background for Trail

Aurelius - Part of the new Villain starter sets. An alchemist able to turn his body into gold. Not tied to any sub-faction. His artwork is below

Robo-Chimps - Minions created by Virus and Silverager. If the Apebot model is anything to go by, these will be amazing!

Ging Gong - The Immortal Ape Monster. Seems to be aiding the members of ARC. Rules for him are included in the expansion.

The Dread Sleeper- Ancient and dark monstrous being. Rules in the book and can be made from the PC Monster kit using the tentacled head and wings.

Deadliner - Member of the Necroplane 'Scourge' team. 30s gangster that has been resurrected.
Artwork in the PC Guide.

Necroplane Harvesters - Harvester Ships have been mentioned before. Used to take souls and abduct specimens. Rules for these are in the book. There may also be an outline of one in the PC Guide. I am just guessing on that one though.

Nightmares - Could these be the creatures created in game by Night Fright and Leech?

Terrorsaurs - Giant manlike lizards from Kodo Island. Home of Mysterious Man. Rules in the book, artwork at the top of this post and can be made using the Dino head and tail from the PC Monster kit.

Mutants - Not much is said about these apart from the fact they appear with the Terrorsaurs. More creations from Mysterious Man?

Byte Dragon - The largest and most deadly form of C.O.R.E. Robotic AI leader of the Heavy Metal team. Byte Dragon had only ever appeared once before these events.
Artwork below and rules are in the book.

Terror Cotta Warriors - The expansion shows the full artwork for the Terror Cotta Warriors. Creations of the Green Emperor and the only Supreme able to be used in multiples at the moment. They are due out very soon.

Pisces Ulthar Foot Soldiers - Unseen caste of Ulthar. Seem to be the main force of an Ulthar invasion. In the PC Guide they are described as a Non-Ulthar Neptune native race. Primitive fish-men used for heavy labour.

Slug Muldoon, Intergalactic Monster Hunter - Travelled to Earth for the 'Best hunting in the Universe'
From the artwork in the expansion and hints at Salute 2012, I'm am guessing he is the mini below.

Ulthar Patriaships- The main ships of the invasion fleet?

Ulthar Leo Caste - Not much info in the expansion but the PC Guide describes them as Non-Ulthar giant marine quadrupeds. Used as war-steeds by the Aquarius Elite Cavalry Corps.

Ulthar Carpicorn Caste - No info at the moment.

Coven Saints - Grand leaders of the Coven. Do not age or die. After the power of the Forgotten Saint Kane and Saint Eve are in the PC Guide background, twin children of one of the Elders with ever increasing power.

Ulthar Aries Behemoths - The PC Guide states they are recruited to serve on Patriaships. Skilled in close combat with energy pikes and laser blasters.

Ace of Wraiths and Stoner Hawk - Ace is inducted into Blood Watch and Stoner Hawk continues his path of redemption and changes his name to Stone Hawk.
New Ace model was recently posted.

V.H - Known to be the deadly female (not male like most expected) leader of Blood Watch. The mini was seen at Salute and she is STUNNING! No pictures have been posted yet though. Due for release on the next 6 months.

Infinite Hourglass Team - The first sighting of more than one cyborg assassin Herald at a time. Could they be arriving as a full sub-faction?

Tomcat - Morf posted a while back that Tomcat will be wearing some sort of battle armour. At the same time he spoke of an unaligned mobile battle station. Could this be Tomcat?

Nuke 2.0 - When Nuke is trapped in a nuclear reactor, his 'brother' Nuclear Jones is worried what may happen to him. There is a new Nuke model coming in the new starter sets. Model was spotted at Salute and looks amazing. artwork below.

Phalanx and Mecha-Spartans - Part of the Forgotten faction. They have had several mentions in the past. Phalanx is a creation of Hellsmith and his Minions are the Mecha-Spartans.
Concept art seen in the Pulp City Guide.

Soul Golem - A huge Elder horror. Originally thought to be a Necroplane creation, Solar now thinks it is connected to the Forgotten. A teaser on the PC Forums says it has a huge cyclopean eye that was a gift from the Forgotten to the Lords of the Necroplane. Powered by ancient glyphs carved into its body.
Rules in the expansion and could be made from the PC monster kit.

Spybreaker and the Supreme Alliance - I have covered this new 'old' team recently and you can see all known info about them with the artwork >>HERE<<

Blacksmith - Tech wizard for Blood Watch. To be released with V.H.
Teaser image has been posted.

Grimm Supremes - These were hinted at during Salute this year. Supreme powered Grimm. Now they have appeared during the 'Fall'.
A full team of Grimm Supremes would be amazing if it happened.
The next batch of Grimm have been spotted.

John Grimmsham - Former film studio guard that became ruler of the Grimm underworld. Could be become the Level 3 leader of a Grimm Supreme Team?

Anansi - A feral woman making hit and run attacks. No more information at the moment.

Ulthar Scout Ships - Invisible to all apart from Virgo? Maybe the advance troops of an Ulthar Invasion.

Molezillas - Named by June Summers, these creatures are used by the Grimm.
Could this be a Molezilla?

Giant Hadron - With the help of Dr Mercury, Hadron is able to keep his Giant form for hours. Maybe usable as a Monster or massive Supreme in the future?

Coven Wytchbots - Robot constructs combining human and alien tech with magic. Beermonkey posted rules for them wytch can be found (sorry) on the Pulp Citizen blog >>HERE<<

Chimpanzer - Gigantic robotic ape piloted by Virus. Cant wait to make rules for this one!

Comti Vendredi and Dead Guard- Member of the Coven riding a Dead Guard. To be released with Papa Zombie. Dead Guard also rumoured to become Minions.

Papa Zombie - Leader of the Coven Strike Teams. Artwork in the PC Guide. Due out within the next few months.

Jade Cult Yeti - Said to protect the Green Emperor. I wonder if it will be a Supreme, Minions or Monster?
Could this be it?

Tekkna - Will be in the new starter sets. Concept art has been seen.

Chimera - Possibly the other member of the starter set?
Unknown artwork in the expansion is similar to the Aurelius artwork from the Villain starter set. Could this be Chimera? Or is it possibly Anansi?

 M.E.T.E.O.R - Jirou, Kenta + Alya - Alien hunter club and winners of Supreme Genesis 3. Models said to be in the works on forum. Artwork seen.

 100 Voices - aka Eric Hanson. Mysterious villain made of memories of killers, arsonists and muggers of the super-security prison in Pulp City. Artwork seen.

Dark Excalibur - Mentioned in the past. Wielding a sword crackling with lightning. A twisted take on the Arthurian legend.

Ulthar Cycploes - Massive trident wielding alien beats. Rules in the expansion and can be made using the PC Monster kit.

The Controller - An amorphous being from between the walls of reality. Covered in a mass of mouths and eyes it commands hordes of minions. Rules in the expansion.

Proto-Bots - Bio-Mechanical alien probes sent to Earth within meteor showers. Uses a mixture of missiles and lasers. C.O.R.E has confirmed that even larger Proto-Bots exists.
Is this one of the larger ones?

Other Supremes? - In this picture in the Monster rules it shows Carnivern from the PC Guide on top of a massive creature. Does that mean the other will appear as well?
If so, who are they?

Shark-Kong - OK, I made that name up. It isn't in the background or the rules but this has to be my favourite picture in the entire book.

So, there we go!
Have I missed anything?

You can check out the Pulp City Monsters expansion for yourself  >>HERE<<

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


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    1. Yeah, It sort of does.
      I do have models planned for the Proto-Bots and Chimpanzer though. And they are VERY different

    2. Is it this?

    3. Oh yes. That's the one!

      I will be doing a post soon covering different model for the different Monsters in the book

    4. Glad to hear it. The wheels are turning in my mind as well.

    5. Feel free to throw any ideas at me you would like included


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