Tuesday 13 November 2012

The Plan - Phase 2

A couple of weeks back I posted a PLAN for what I want to do with this blog.
I am looking to focus on some of the lesser known but, in my opinion, just as awesome games.

Why not the big games from people like Games Workshop, Privateer Press and Wyrd? Well, there are soooo many blogs and sites that already cover those in great detail and I think its good to get something different out there as well that people might not usually see.

I will still have some random content not related, like an interview with TheJoeyBerry soon and future competitions and fundraisers, but otherwise I will be looking into the games below in greater detail.

You may have noticed the 'pages' at the top have changed, meaning some decisions have been made.
Lets have a look at what will be coming in the near future.

Pulp City
A 30mm skirmish level game of Supreme (Super) Heroes and Villains battling against each other in the city where they can throw or destroy all the scenery on the table.

Regular readers will know I am a HUGE Pulp City fan, so this game wont be going anywhere.
With a new edition, Monster (150mm!)  rules, loads of background and tons of new minis on the way there will be a lot to keep people interested.

EVERY model in the range will feature on here at one point or another.

Expect to see - Battle reports, rules and model reviews, painting (including some Marvel schemes), info on different Supremes, modern scenery, news, Super Minions and Monsters from several other companies.

Dystopian Legions
Spartan Games new mid-size 28mm steampunk wars. Victorian Sci-Fi troops, tanks, bionics, tesla-tech and steam power.

The look of the models in DL appealed to me as soon as I spotted them. I then looked over the rules and liked what I found.
Monthly new releases for the 4 different Forces are sure to bring some stunning things.

I will be starting with the Prussian Empire and Kingdom of Britannia. Plans to add every model for those 2 forces that have been seen so far. Maybe even a couple of some units.
After that I might get the minimum requirements for the Federated States of America and the Empire of the Blazing Sun so I cant use all their cool toys!

Expect to see - Initial impressions, rules and model coverage, games, new releases etc

 Deep Wars
 The new 30mm skirmish game based completely under water. Fishmen, divers, subs, killer sea life. Core rules are the Songs of Blades and Heroes rules with some great additions on top.

This is another game that pulled me in with the minis first and them I stayed for the rules.
The setting of an underwater game is just too interesting to me to pass up. Models that can swim at different levels and need light sources on the ocean floor add great mechanics not seen in other games.

Out of the 4 forces, I'm starting with 3 of them. The Fortune Hunters, Ancients of Atalan and Dark Mariners.
In time I will be picking up all models for these 3.
If all goes well, I may get the final force of the Scaly Horde.

Expect to see - Campaigns, conversions, undersea scenery and wildlife, plus the usual reviews, reports, news and painting.

A small scale air, land and sea combined forces war game. Set in a Victorian Sci-Fi world with steam and tesla everywhere!

I have recently started playing Dystopian wars as, once again, the amazing details on the minis 'made' me buy them. A different scale of game adds some much needed variety in playing and the combined forces side of things has a great feel to it.

The Republique of France are my fleet of choice. Flying Battleships! Air and Sea forces will be covered to begin with. Land added in later on.
I also have access to Kingdom of Britannia and Prussian Empire fleets so they will be making an appearance also.

Expect to see - News, reviews, games, painting, events and the usual but on a vastly different scale!

So, there we are.
The plan is in place and will being going into action (phase 3) very soon.
There is another 'phase' to the plan though that includes MASSIVE changes to the blog, articles and coverage where readers will get something out of it as well. But that one is a secret for now. 
Mwah Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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