Saturday 3 November 2012


I know this blog has been mainly news recently but that has been down to a lack of time for my own gaming and painting. Work, money etc etc. The usual.
But with the page reaching 150K hits (thanks to everybody) I thought I would update everybody with my future plans for my own hobby and this blog.

To start with you might have noticed a couple of ads. No I'm not selling out, I'm just trying to make the blog pay for itself a little. What costs are there you say? Well, not many. But little things like a Google storage plan. If I can essentially get that free then I'm all up for it. You wont be flooded with them though I promise.

The general news on here will be getting less as I want to focus more on a small selection of games instead of bits all over the place.
Covering Modelling, painting, gaming, terrain and more.

Pulp City will still be my main game. I love it and cant let it go!
There is sooooooooo much coming for Pulp city in the next few months as well. Amazing things! Just not much I can tell you yet. I will as soon as I'm allowed though!

Modelling: I have a couple of PC Supremes to build, a hordes of Zeds and a small box full of other Supers to use as Minions, Sidekicks and stand ins. Then there are the MONSTERS!
Roughly 8-12 giant creatures and creations. All about 6" high.

Painting: So far I have painted about 1/3rd of the current PC Supremes. That means the rest still need doing. Along with all of the Minions. Some Supremes are even getting 2 schemes as I want to do an original one and a Marvel inspired one. The painted models so far may get redone as I teach myself to paint without relying on drybrushing and washing.
Then there is everything in the Modelling list!

Terrain: 2 boards worth of buildings are made. Both need to look more stone with a lick of paint.
A boards worth of 'scatter' terrain is done. Got a whole box to go though including a cityscape canal.

Gaming: There hasn't been much on gaming here recently as we have been doing abit of testing and cant post it yet. But soon there will be some reports up. A whole mix of Supremes battling it out and hopefully soon some Monsters!

Anything you would like to see on the Pulp City front?

Dystopian Wars is a fairly new game for me. But one I'm really enjoying.
The naval/air battles at a smaller scale give a while different gaming experience.

Modelling: I have been making a quite large Republique of France fleet. Most are made so far but I have a selection of ships and blimps to make and post reviews of as I go.

Painting: How the hell do I paint models so small? With great care!
Still trying to work out a simple but effective scheme for my fleet. This will probably include a blu-tack style camo scheme. About 3000 points to do. That's roughly 2-3 times the amount you need for a normal game.

Terrain: Islands! Just some nice and basic cut out and flocked islands. The sea itself will more than likely stay as a bed sheet until I feel abit more adventurous.

Gaming: I'm about 4 games in now and think I have worked out the game enough to start posting about it.
In our small group we have French, Prussians and British to play with and Troll Trader near by with several people starting the game. More on that soon.

Keeping with the Steampunk theme I'm going to be looking at the new 28mm Dystopian Legions
Starting with 2 Starter boxes, British and Prussians, we will see what the models are like and how the game plays.
I can't say much beyond that as I don't know. If I like it, I will keep going. If I don't, I might still get afew more minis as they look amazing! (Check out the British Knight Templar or American Air Cav)

Cutlass, the fantasy pirate game, 'may' be after that.
We have the rules, a small town and 3 crews. Lady Pirates, Elves and Undead. Just not got around to trying it out yet. Looks fun and the dice mechanic could be very interesting.
It doesnt 'inspire' me the same as the other games at the moment though.

Then there are 3 more possible games.

The Batman Miniatures Game from Knight Models looks nice. Waiting to see the pricing structure and rules on this one though. More news on that when I know myself.

Deep Wars really grabbed my attention with their models and theme. Underwater skirmish battles with Bioshock looking divers. All on built in scenic bases. Wow!
This is going to depend on 2 things though. 1- Can I find an opponent? 2- Can I get the money together to get some?
I hope both of these end up being a yes! If so, it will be Ancients, Fortune Hunters and Dark Mariners.

Carnevale  is another game where the minis have grabbed my attention as well. Especially the Guild and Patricians. As a fan of the Assassins Creed games I would love to be running around Venice jumping over roof tops.
Again this is going to be an 'If I can afford it' option. And again, I hope so!

At the end of all this, I want to cover 4 games. Which they will be is unknown yet until all suggestions have been tried out. (well Pulp City and 3 others anyway)

Which would you like to see more of?
What sort of things would you like to see from each game?
Any other ideas?

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. I'm interested in the batman game too, but more for the models than anything else. I did get in on the Carnevale campaign on indiegogo, so I have the whole catalogue of their models coming before Christmas. :)

    Shadowsea looks cool too...

    1. Will wait and see with Batman. Got enough Super minis if the rules arn't very good.
      Have you tried Carnivale yet?

      More interested in the underwater side of ShadowSea / Deep Wars


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