Thursday 29 November 2012

Review: Dystopian Legions Prussian Empire Starter Set

Here is the second in my series of Dystopian Legions reviews.
Today I am going to take a look at the-
Prussian Empire Starter Set
(click pics to view larger)

The box for the PE (Prussian Empire) starter set is very nice. On the front you have a contents list and artwork for the Grenadier Sergeant. On the back is a little bit about the PE force and renders of each miniature inside.
The renders are exact copies of the models so you can see all the detail without getting distracted by studio paint jobs trying to make the model look better.

- 12 Highly detailed pewter and resin miniatures.
I will take a look at these in more detail further down the post. The models make a game ready 100 point force.

- 12 plastic bases.
A selection of 30mm and 40mm bases. One for each mini (obviously)

- Token Sheet
Glossy large sheet of all the tokens you need to play. Just cut out and use.

- 24 Dice
8 Blue, 8 Black and 8 Red. The colours effect rolls in game

- Acrylic ruler
8" or Range Band 1. Laser cut with the Dystopian Legions logo and 1" markings.

- Stat Sheet
Stats for all the minis in the box on the front and the back contains the special rules for each known as MARs (Model Assigned Rules)

- 5 Activation Cards
PE logo on one side and blank on the other so you can write each unit you use on them

- 28 Game Cards
A deck of force specific cards, all with Prussina style titles and the log on the back. The main deck is 26 cards with 2 extras that can be swapped in or out.

- Quickplay Rulebook
A full colour 80 page 'quick start' rule book. It isn't the same as your usual 'quick start' book though. These rules contain EVERYTHING you need to play a full game!

There arn't many starter boxes out that give you everything you need to play a game. Not a single thing needs to be added!

 Oberst Hahl and PE Lieutenant
Hahl is far right with the Grenadier Sergeant behind
Lieutenant is middle figure. Grenadier Specialist on the left.

Oberst Hahl was once a PE Commander but suffered near fatal injuries facing a Russian force. his body was rebuilt by the PE scientist and he is now 'armed' with a Tesla powered bionic arm and eye. The fist can even throw lightning into opposing units.
The Lieutenants of the army are just as happy to get stuck in as the basic troops. Armed with a Reichsrevolver and Duelling Armour they are a force to be reckoned with.

Oberst Hahl is the left model and the Lieutenant is the right.
The model for Oberst is stunning. Every tiny part has amazing detail.You can see some flash and vents on the model and a large vent on the fist section but none of them cover any detail. The sword will need a small file but as a flat piece it will turn out fine.
The Lieutenant is a much cleaner model. But then is isn't as dynamic. I am not keen on the eagle helm but that is just personal taste.
A closer look at the Lieutenant shows just how clean the model is. Only a ting mould line on the boot to deal with.
Even though I am not keen on one of these two, I cant complain about the detail and quality. The usual amazing Spartan Games standards.

Teutonic Knight Armsmen

These are the models that really called to me in the PE box.
The Teutonic Order is a mysterious section of the PE. Encased in massive suits of armour, these Knights can take on infantry with their inbuilt Maschinergewehr '71 guns and even Ironclads are easy prey with the suits massive crushing power.

I have only shown 1 of the 2 models in the box as both are the same. The arms and head are poseable though so its easy to make them look different.
These models are HUGE! (check the Grenadier pic below) The main body is resin and the add-ons are metal. Every bit is high detail, they have a few vents and tabs but these are simple to remove.

The metal parts are almost totally clear of mould lines but there are some on the resin bodies. These can be easy to get rid of with the back of a hobby knife.

I love the Knights. Everything from the models to the rules. My only problem is the fact there are 2 in the box but you can have 3 in a unit. Spartan may release add on blisters at some point though.

Grenadier sergeant and Specialist
(pics above)

The Sergeant of the Grenadiers is a leader among men. With their units every step of the way.
Grenadier Specialists are armed with the amazingly deadly quad barrel Vierling. Giving even more firepower to the force.

The Sergeant is on the left commanding his unit and the specialist on the right with the quad-barrelled gun slung over his shoulder.
The Specialist is a very nice model. A model 'not' in a fighting pose is nice to see now and then. Clear of flash, vents and mould lines. You could paint him without ANY prep work.
The Sergeant will need a little though. Some flash on the legs and rifle but nothing too bad.
Another couple of stunning models.

Grenadier Infantry Unit

Grenadiers on the left next to the massive Knights
The PE Grenadiers are the core of the force. Civilian soldiers armed with the Mauser-Tesla M69 Rifles. A great ranged weapon armed with an electrified Tesla bayonet on the end.

With basic troops you would expect them to be much more basic than the main characters. Not in the PE!
The Grenadiers are just as highly detailed and as good a quality as everything else in the box.
Six different poses is also a great thing. Means you have a full unit with no duplicate models.

The unit has minimal mould line and only a couple of vents. Clean up will be very simple.

The box set comes in at £37.50 from The Troll Trader. This might sound like a lot to begin with but look again at the contents. You get a lot for your money.
Very reasonable price in my opinion.

Final Thoughts
I am very impressed with the Prussian Empire starter box. Lots of stuff and some great quality models.
Really looking forward to getting them on the table and taking on the Kingdom of Britannia

As a final score I going to give them - 8 out of 10 Badger Points
This could have been 9 with a 3rd Knight (obviously at a higher price) and 10 with an alternate Lieutenant.

What do you think of them?

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Agreed. Those Knights pleasingly look as good in the flash (so to speak)

    1. Oh yes. Cant wait to get them in use and tearing Ironclads apart

  2. Thanks for this review!
    I still wonder whether to by some of the starter boxes or not, fearing this will be "yet another system" that I collect just because of the miniatures instead of playing the game itself.

    Think I'l wait until there are some AARs out there.


    1. I think once people check out the rules and models close up, it will be something they want to keep playing. So many different tactical options.


  3. My biggest complaint about Spartan games is the odd number of models they put in their packs. A starter will come with 3 models when you can use 4 in a unit, etc. The British starter comes with 6 riflemen, a sergeant, and a specialist. If you buy a second unit, you get six riflemen, but the specialist and sergeant each come with an additional rifleman, making a full unit of 10. As such, I will ALWAYS have a unit with 8 models in it. So annoying.

    1. I thought the same about the Knights and Hussars. But there might be add on boxes in the future.
      With the Infantry I am goin for a min and a max. Starter set, Infantry box and Special box gives you a 10 with all rifles and a 6 with Special weapons in.

  4. Hi you can buy a Teutonic knight from spartan games for £9

    1. I hope they do the extra metal parts as well soon.


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