Friday 16 November 2012

New Paint the City Pink Entries and Thoughts on the Auction?

Several entries have come in over the last couple of days for the Paint the City Pink Cancer Charity Fundraiser
Lets take a look-

P'Solar by Dr Warlock

(a better picture of) Harrier by Pulp Citizen

Mecha-Satan, Pulp City Monster by Andrew
Pulp Citizens Harrier for scale

Puce Panther By Dai

Lord James Fouley by Peter

Huntress by Zerloon

The next stage of the WIPS from the Galley Wench and myself
Green (pink?) Serpent (me) and Crimson Oni (galley wench)

WIP Dr Tenebrous and Tangent. Both by myself
I know they aren't finished yet by I'm cheating as I don't have to post them in. Plus I have been seriously busy recently.

It's time for those that haven't sent in their models to start looking at postage. Just use the Email Hendybadger link at the top right of this page for the address.

When they are all in, its auction time! This is where we hope to raise the most money for Cancer Research and the Breast Cancer Campaign.

How would you like to see the auctions run?
On here? eBay? Pulp Forum?
Any other ideas?

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. It really depends on who you are after right? Other mini painters or avid supporters of the charity? Maybe both? Ebay will certainly get the biggest amount of eyeballs but some people don;t like to shop there. Anyone know if C'mon, DakkaDakka and Putty&Paint ever host galleries for this kind of event?

    1. I would imagine that the higher donations would come from gamers.
      Ebay does have fees all over the place as well.

  2. I'd there a charity auction site in the UK you could use? A guy set one up in the states a couple of years back primarily for marathons and the like but maybe there is something similar as hopefully that would mean no success fees?

    1. I will have a look around and see if I can find anything

  3. One idea I had was a post on here with all the minis with links to the individual pictures.
    You can then bid below the pictures over a period of 2 weeks and the final highest bidder on each wins.

    1. I think this is a good idea!! :D

    2. I will put up a post about the auction in the next couple of days and see what people think

  4. Due to health issue, i wasnt able to finish my mini

    Can i send you a picture ? just in case

    1. What about taking until the end of the month to finish the mini and then send a picture in?
      You would then have to send on the mini to the auction winner yourself though.


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