Friday 29 January 2016

Marvel Universe - Factions and Team Building

Hey True Believers!
Slight change of plan today. Where I was going to look at the stat cards, they have needed a few tweaks so today is Factions and Team Building.

Factions and Alignments
Each character in the Marvel Universe Miniature Game belongs to one of more Factions.
These, at release are Superhuman (Avengers), Mutant (X-Men) and Cosmic (Guardians)
As well as a Faction each model also has an Alignment. Hero, Villain or Neutral.
These are show on the stat cards as symbols with either different backgrounds. For example, An X on a green background is Mutant Hero.

Team Building
Building a Team for the MUMG is really easy.
To start of with you need to know the Level of the game you are playing. Usually 30-50. This will either be set by the scenario or decided between the players.
Each character has a Faction, Alignment and Level on their card.
You can take characters whose Levels add up to the total scenario size and all share the same Faction and Alignment. Neutral character can be taken by both Heroes and Villains

Models that share the same 'true' name can not be taken more than once. Ironman Mk7 and Ironman Mk 44 are both Tony Stark so you can only take one or the other.
Peter Parker and Miles Morales as two Spider-men would be fine though as they are different People.
(Examples may or may not appear in game)

Lets try a quick team using the X-Men above

Game Level: 30
Faction: Mutant
Alignment: Hero

Level 7    Mutant / Hero

Level 7    Mutant / Hero

Level 8    Mutant / Hero + Superhuman/Hero

Level 8    Mutant / Neutral

(These may not be the final levels etc)

Any questions?
Let us know below.

Until next week......
- Hendybadger


  1. Loving the updates Hendy!
    It's an exiting time to be a tabletop gamer! :D
    Do we have any pics of the other factions?
    I absolutely adore the Rogue mini, hoping for something equally awesome for The Guardians faction.

    1. I'm sure some will appear next week ;)
      Rogue looks awesome!

  2. Thanks for these updates! Do you know when the stat cards may be ready?

    I'm kind of bummed I already bought Cyclops and Wolverine, but I guess its just two less miniatures to build when I get my X-Men starter, assuming the picture shows the contents of the new box!

    1. Yes, this is the X-men starter. There's always alternate schemes!

    2. Also there's a reasonable chance that with cross overs etc. they may get released separately again or in demand anyway? - For example if Wolverine is in two factions, Avengers players may want to pick him up without the rest of the X-men. Well I can hope anyway!

    3. Good points! Really its all worth it for the Colossus and Rogue in any event. Those two look fantastic.

  3. I like the way the "points values" have been simplified, something that really should of been implemented into BMG in its inception.

    I eagerly await to see the villains get some love, then I'll be more likely to want to jump into the game!

  4. It sounds quite similar to Pulp City in a lot of respects.

  5. Im very excited about this game! Cheers from Venezuela! :D

  6. Which is the better game, batman or marvel?

    1. That depends on what sort of game you like.
      Batman is more complex with stealth and strategy.
      Marvel is simpler with throwing and explosions.


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