Wednesday 10 October 2012

'Paint the City Pink' - Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser

Dr Warlocks pink take on the PC logo

Some of you may remember that last year we ran a Breast Cancer Brawl at our local club where all the participants helped to raise over £500 for the local cancer ward.
I wanted to run something again this year but unfortunately the club has shut down.
Then I spotted that the Breast Cancer Brawl team had suggested adding Pulp City to their list of games.
That gave me an idea.

Paint the City Pink!!

The idea of this 'supreme' fundraiser is a painting competition.
Each person paints 1 or more Pulp City models in a pink scheme and sends them in. (Or any other super hero or villain if you cant get your hands on PC ones)
The top models will win some awesome prizes that have been donated for the competition (list below)
ALL the models will then be auctioned off to raise funds for Cancer Research UK and the Breast Cancer Campaign
Their work helps people worldwide and every penny we can raise helps them.

-£40, £20 + £10 gift vouchers from Wayland Games
-3 Unreleased Reaver Lords models from Pulp Monsters Pics HERE
- 6 Limited Edition resin minis (A painters dream) from Studio McVey Pics HERE
$50 Voucher from Secret Weapon Miniatures
-3 Post Apoc resin base sets from Fenris Games Pics HERE
-12 model packs from Impact Miniatures Pics HERE
-Pulp City Minis - Iron Train, Solar, Ace of Wraiths, Androida, Guerilla, Gentleman + Hellsmith from Amazing Wonders hobby centre  Pics HERE
-10x FDG Capital City 28mm sets from Fat Dragon Games  Pics HERE
Bushido Cult and Prefecture starter sets and extra blister each from GCT Studios
9 Miniatures (1 of each in the range) from Statuesque Miniatures
Relics rulebook and 2 Starter sets (winners choice) from Tor Gaming
-Limited Edition Freebooters Fate models from Freebooter Miniatures. Pics HERE
WarmaHordes MkII Accesories kit from Advanced Deployment
-Twilight game and 28 blisters from Hasslefree Miniatures. Pics HERE
-Aluminium model case, Card model case and Half Size Card model case from KR Multicase
Set of 7 Battlefield Babes from Battlefield Berlin
-Warpath Enforcers Army (31 models) from Mantic Games

Prize Breakdown

Best Painted 1st Place: £40 Wayland Games Voucher, KR Alu Case, 6 Ltd Ed McVey minis
Best Painted 2nd Place: £20 Wayland Games Voucher, 3 Unreleased Reaver Lords, Full Twilight game
Best Painted 3rd Place: £10 Wayland Games Voucher, Bushido Starter sets + Blisters
Best Painted 4th Place: $50 Secret Weapon Voucher
Best Painted 5th Place: 9 Statuesque Minis
Best Painted Under 18: Relics Rulebook + 2 Starter sets

Pinkest Mini: 7 Pulp City Minis
Most Minis Entered: Standard Card KR Case, Impact Minis Selection

Highest Combined Auction Donation (payment): 28 Hasslefree Blisters
Highest Value Mini in the Auctions: Half size Card KR Case, Fenris Games Bases

Top 10 Highest Value Minis: Fat Dragon Capital City set, Ltd Ed Freebooter Mini

These next prizes are for entries not in the top 5 painting or top under 18.
Random Draws: Warpath Enforcers Army, WarmaHordes MkII Accessories kit, 5x Freebooter Future Widow
Best Hero: 7 Battlefield Babes
Best Villain: 7 Battlefield Babes

I would already like to say a HUGE thank you to all the companies that have donated.

Here is an example of a Pink PC mini.
The sharpshooter Gentleman. Painted by the amazing Devilsquid!

If you would like to enter you have until the middle of November to paint your model. and then 2 weeks to send it in.
For the postal address please use the 'Email Hendybadger' link to the right>>>.

Painting - Nov 16th
Delivery - Nov 30th 

You can check out what people are doing on the Pulp City Fourm where there is a Paint the City Pink Project Log or on the Citizens of Pulp City Facebook Group

During October there will also be some VERY limited edition Dark Age minis donated by Cool Mini or Not
up for sale with an open donation amount.
The Sister of Compassion.
You can now buy your own copy with 100% of your donation going to the charities >>HERE<< (link)

I'm going to be doing Tangent and the Green serpent myself. Going to go all out and attempt a pink urban camo on her.
Wish me luck!

I think some of these would look great in pink as well!

I really hope lots of people get the pink paint out and take part. The funds raised will mean so much to so many people.
I would be very grateful if you could also share this post on your blogs, sites, forums and such and help get the word out to as many people as possible and raise even more!!!!

Henydbadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Just ordered some mini's to paint up and send. Will have to get them painted up quickly as I'm in Australia and want to make sure I have plenty of time for the post to arrive...Great Idea by the way.

    1. You have until the middle of November. Painting deadline is the end of Oct then 2 weeks to post.

  2. If you would like to add anything then just ask

  3. Think I'll have some of this. Painting pink will make a nice change to grim and gritty superheroes and it's for a good cause too. Don't tell Rusti though, I'm supposed to be sculpting... ;)

    1. Cant wait to see what you come up with.
      I wont say anything!

  4. Yep, I'm in! Will post pics on the blog when finished and in the air!

  5. Dumb question, does it have to be a pulp city model?

    1. Feel free to do something else that fits if you like

  6. We lost my wife's dad to lung cancer, so this charitable effort means a lot. I know the tie-in is with breast cancer awareness, but anyone who's lost a loved one to any form of cancer certainly knows how important research and education are. Thanks, Ian, for taking the lead on another great effort.

    1. Just trying to do something thats worth doing

  7. Hey Ian! I'm hoping to paint up a June Summers for this. I look forward to it!


    1. Thats awesome.
      I will be bidding furiosly for that one myself!

  8. I will be working on mine also, the 2 week bonus would be nice.

    1. It will be happening. New dealines will be posted up today

  9. Hi, I wish to partecipate, I will paint an Heroclix Huntress, is she good?

    1. Heroclix is a great idea for this. Never thought of that until now.
      If you dont have / cant get hold of any PC then anything else that fits the theme is good

    2. Would you accept a conversion? I mostly have GW and Mantic bitz but I am positive I could create something.

      Do I need to register on the forum or just send the finished article?

    3. A conversion is fine.
      Interested to see what you come up with.

      No need to register anywhere. Just send the mini in

    4. I've just send the photo, let me know if the mail arrive pls!

    5. Arrived fine. Thanks.
      Will be posted up in the next couple if days

  10. It is good to work for a social cause.


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