Monday 15 October 2012

How to Paint Urban Camo + Eastern Skin? Help?

As I approach the huge task of painting every Hero or Villain that has ever entered Pulp City(roughly 100 different minis)  and an entire wars worth of Dystopian French (well over 3000pts), I realise a problem.

I don't know how to paint very well!

Until now I have used base coats, dry brushes and washes. But I want to be able to paint better than that. Layering, blending and all that jazz.
With the aid of the new GW 'How to Paint' guide, months worth of White Dwarf guides, GWs 2 most recent paint sets and a selection of Winsor Newtons, I begin the mission.
Expect many questions, tests, muck ups and hopefully some finished models.

To start with are these 2 for the Paint the City Pink charity fundraiser.

At the top is the Green Serpent. I want to give her a pink body suit, shoes and accessories. That should be easy enough.
But how do I paint an 'Eastern' skin tone?. (I hope that's PC, not trying to be racist)

Next is Tangent. She is going to have a pink top with , hopefully, a Breast Cancer ribbon logo, pink laser sights and pink Urban Camo trousers. Maybe pink PCV boots?
But,  how the hell do I paint Urban Camo?

Her are soem possible schemes I have found. Which do people prefer?

Any hints, tips or link would be greatly appreciated.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. For the pink urban camo, you probably want to do a base coat as a pale pink, followed by mid/dark grey patches then dark pink patches overlapping the grey ones. For each of the patch layers, aim for about 30-40% total coverage.
    I found that thinning down the paints for the patch colours helped give a faded worn-in look when I did the Denison smocks on some WW2 British paras recently.
    For the base colour, you might want to try doing that as a thinned down coat over pre-inked white primer.
    I'm afraid I can't help on the oriental skin

    1. Thanks for that TamsinP.
      I will give it a try and see if I can pull it off.

  2. For easy eastern skin head over to Wargames Foundry and pick up their Oriental Flesh set (number 122) you get the base, mid and highlight tones in the set, makes life far simpler I've found.


    1. After collecting together all the GW paints from the last few years, plus a selection of others, Im not too keen on buying more paint.
      The picture for that set gives me a perfect guidline to match colours from what I have.


  3. Ron over at FTW did a great how to paint pink tutorial a few weeks ago. USe that as a base for your pinks and the details of the camo won't really even need that much work. I'll have some WIPs on my entry next week on my blog. Let's just say Kitty Chesire looks nice in pink and Vector may never be invited back to the bubble gum factory...

    1. Thanks for the lead. Found it and looks like it will help alot.
      Added FTW to the blogroll to keep an eye on.

      Cant wait to see your WIPs.
      Your blog has been added aswell

    2. Thanks so much. Yeah as a hobbyist I like the atricles Ron does but as a blogger i always go: Arg! why didn;t i think of that or dman, there goes content for a future post.

    3. I think things like that so often


    From my point of view, the difficulty is to obtain something "clean"
    Pink and Black are wonderfull colors that match together ... but it is very hard to obtain something clean.

    You have to begin on a white base in order to have an easy pink ... after it is difficult to obtain a "clean" black .... because you will not be able to reverse.

    Camo or Tartan ... if you are not a good painter (like me) can be obtained with pratice. My first one were just horrible .. i keep working again and again
    Your trouble is to find a good size for the brush
    Small to do "detail" ... but not fine in order to obtain "clean" round shape.

    Try to do it first on paper.

    1. Thats amazingly helpful. Thanks so much.
      I hope I can pull it off

  5. Camo at this scale is hard. I'm not gonna be much help, but I like that first Camo scheme. If I do have a suggestion, it's to start with small don't want to make the Camo squiggles too big. You can always go back and add more, vs taking some away.

    I was gonna suggest the same thing as 'undead Jon' - Ive used the Foundry Oriental Flesh triad before, and I like the results. I can certainly understand not wanting to buy more paint though.

  6. I think the first scheme is going to be the one Im going to use.
    Will take my time on it


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