Wednesday 31 October 2012

Batman Minis Game First Releases + Dates Posted

Knight Models have just posted the first release list for their new Batman Miniatures Game 

From their Facebook page- 

Release list for Batman Miniature Game


- Batman

- Joker's crew starter set
- Harley Quinn
- Killer Crock
- Gotham policemen


- donwload rules

- Penguin crew starter set
- Catwoman
- Bane
- Nightwing

And more surprises

I cant wait for these to appear. Will be picking them up as soon as I can.
If you didn't see them before, here are some pics of the mentioned minis.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. I am in for these. I am going to be so poor..

    1. Same here. Oh well.
      You can't take it with you so may as well enjoy it now!

    2. The hell I can't! When they "cremate" me it's going to be with all my metal and plastic so that my wife and kids can keep the cube of hardened slurry for a nice sized coffee table. Now that's a conversation piece! o_0

    3. i meant money but thats a great idea!


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