Monday 29 October 2012

Troll Trader Colossals Event - Dec 1st - Truro, Cornwall

Dec 1st sees the next WarmaHordes event at Troll Trader in Truro, Cornwall.
(3 dooors behind GW)

7 AWESOME limited edition coins are up for grabs. 1 for each Warmachin Faction and one for the overall winner.

It will be the standard Colossals event from Privateer Press with one change.
Games are played at 35 points, not 50!
The full rules pack and score sheet can be found HERE (You will need both to take part)

It will be on Dec 1st 10am open for 10.30am start. Running until 5.30pm.
The day is an open play, take on all comers event with the highest scorers winning at the end of the day.

£5 entry fee to cover the cost of the prizes. Payable on the day or beforehand via Paypal to
You will need the Colossals rules pack and score sheet (HERE)
A 35 pt army.
All pens, dice, cards, counters and tokens you need to play.
A way to transport your models around the store.
Luch or money for lunch. (Lots of places close by)

Any questions at all, please direct them to or
Or ask below.

Hope to see many there.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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