Saturday 20 October 2012

PtCP Prizes - Fenris Games Bases + More Entries

Some more prizes have arrived for Paint the City Pink (link), our cancer charity fundraiser.

Fenris Games have very kindly donated 3 sets of Post Apocalypse resin bases.
Perfect for Pulp City or any other modern games.
In fact all of my own PC minis are on Fenris Bases.

12x30mm, 8x40mm and 2x80mm Monster bases

There have also been some more minis finished and posted up.

First we have Pulp City's Vector and Kitty by Zab

Next is Chronoscopes Blubbery Rand by Battlefield Berlin

Finally for today, Hasslfrees Iron Man by Possumcraft

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Mine is in progress...I should have off no later than by Friday, should be there in time if you are doing the 2 week extension right figure that should make it in time from the US.

    1. The extension is going ahead.
      Looking forward to seeing it

  2. If I get the time to paint untill November 15th, I surch for such a figure on Crisis in Antwerp within two weeks. That gives me two weeks for painting it.

    Normally I only paint 1/72 figures, but because it's for a good cause I would like to try such a figure.



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