Tuesday 16 October 2012

Dystopian Legions First Battle Report

Brought to my attention by my friends over at Shades of Chaos

Spartan Games have posted up their first Dystopian Legions battle report.
You can see the original post >>HERE<< or read the PDF at the bottom of this blog.

This looks like a great game. Very interested in giving it a go when its released and picking up a starter set or two. And look at the Metzger! Its HUGE!

When I do start, I will post my progress here.
On that topic, I will be covering my own ventures into Dystopian Wars. Spartan Games own Land, Air and Sea battle game.
I have really got into the game and my Republique of France force is coming along very nicely. Even if they do keep sinking.
More on that soon.

Dystopian Legions Newspaper Battle Report


  1. No idea how it plays but damn it looks cool!

    The battle report could have gone into a little more details on how the game works?

    1. It does look cool. The other previewed models look even cooler.
      I hope to pick this up soon so might be able to give a better idea on how it works


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