Saturday 13 October 2012

PtCP 2 Week Extension, Final Prize Breakdown + Another Entry

Several people have said to me recently that they would love to take part in the Paint the City Pink (link) charity event but they don't think they have time.
So, to allow more people to enter which in turn helps us hopefully raise even more, we are adding a 2 week extension.
This will now make the Deadlines-

Painting - Nov 16th
Devilery - Nov 30th

There is also now a finalised prize breakdown.

Best Painted 1st Place: £40 Wayland Games Voucher, KR Alu Case, 6 Ltd Ed McVey minis
Best Painted 2nd Place: £20 Wayland Games Voucher, 3 Unreleased Reaver Lords, Full Twilight game
Best Painted 3rd Place: £10 Wayland Games Voucher, Bushido Starter sets + Blisters
Best Painted 4th Place: $50 Secret Weapon Voucher
Best Painted 5th Place: 9 Statuesque Minis
Best Painted Under 18: Relics Rulebook + 2 Starter sets

Pinkest Mini: 7 Pulp City Minis
Most Minis Entered: Standard Card KR Case, Impact Minis Goodies

Highest Combined Auction Donation (payment): 28 Hasslefree Blisters
Highest Value Mini in the Auctions: Half size Card KR Case, Fenris Games goodies

Top 10 Highest Value Minis: Fat Dragon Capital City set, Ltd Ed Freebooter Mini

These next prizes are for entries not in the top 5 painting or top under 18.
Random Draws: Warpath Enforcers, WarmaHordes MkII Accessories kit, 5x Freebooter Future Widow
Best Hero: 7 Battlefield Babes
Best Villain: 7 Battlefield Babes

That will stay as it is now. Unless anyone else wants to donate additional prizes.
Some amazing prizes there. Several chances to win some great goodies and help raise as much as possible for Cancer Research UK and the Breast Cancer Campaign

Finally for today we have another PtCP entry.
This time from WarRaptor at The Raptors Nest
A stunning Pink and Black Riposte from Pulp City

If you want to know more about Paint the City Pink or you would like to take part then just head >>HERE<< 

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Work on my first PtCP mini is underway (having secured that most vital ingredient -some pink paint!)

    1. Pink paint is always a good start when painting pink

  2. Seeing that sweet paint job is a little intimidating. :/

    Looks fantastic!

    1. Dont consider it intimidating. Consider it a challenge!


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