Friday 8 February 2013


Couldn't find a Badger

Its all gone! All of it! AAAARRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

A few days ago I went to turn on my computer. Nothing happened. Nothing at all. It had died!
But the Badger had made a back-up right? Wrong! (learnt my lesson now)

In a file on that computer was weeks worth of articles for ToaTS. Pictures for reviews, links, logos, PDF rulebooks and tons more. 100s of hours worth of work, lost.

What does this mean for Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher? Well......
Several of the things I was going to cover wont be happening now. The rest will be going ahead at a much later date.
To get back to the position I was with this blog is going to take a few weeks. Because of this, posts will be a bit more spread out for a while until I can catch up again.
Luckily, I have some Pulp City, Dystopian Legions and Deep Wars to play with and post up while I sort out everything else out.
After that, who knows at the moment!

It also means I have needed to get a new computer to keep the site going. I tried it on mobile but it just doesn't work very well. A new computer was easy enough to find but when you have a family in a house that has only 1 person working, not that easy to get.

I did spot an idea on another popular site a while ago though when something similar happened.
To help out with the hardware and tons of hours needed to be put back in, they gave the readers an option to help out.
This isn't something I would ever have wanted to do but then I never expected this to happen.

Because of all this, You will notice a button in the top left of the page.
A 'Donate' button in fact.
I am in NO way asking people to do this. I just want to make that clear. But....

If you enjoy ToaTS, like what you see and would like to help the site continue then feel free to use the button to help out via Paypal

With the 'Kickstarter' bug at the moment I could even do some sort of Pledge levels.
- Name and Link on contributor page
- Links in a post
- Your own guest post
- Permanent picture link on front page
- Coverage of any game you choose
- etc, etc

I would love to get your thoughts on this.Positive or negative, it all helps.

I had better get back to work.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. I feel your pain. Been there and done that. Now, everything goes to an external Hard Drive. Perhaps you will be able to retrieve your data from the hard drive. It's worth the cost in spades to have it done.

  2. Yeah, sorry to hear, but it's inspired me to back up my machine, heh.

  3. I, too, feel your pain. I lost hundreds of hours' work on a narrative skirmish system, running to well over 200 pages. And the worst thing was, it happened when I was backing up my laptop to an external drive!

    If you'd like guest blog posts to fill the gaps between Badger posts, do let me know!

    1. Ouch!
      Shoot me an email about the posts PO.

  4. Sometimes you can connect the hard drive to another computer and salvage the data, our MIS department had done that few times using some pig tail cords to upload a hardrive from a dead computer. May be worth checking into if you have some techie friends.

    1. Had a techie friend look over it but he said a lot of it was totally dead.

  5. Laptop or Tower? Towers are easier to mess with. If it's totally dead, it could be the power supply. I've lost 3 over the years. Replacements are cheap and easy to fit. If it's worse, you might be able to transfer the hard-drive to your next tower or a external enclosure to make it an external USB drive.

    1. Laptop. It was the hard drive that gave out.

  6. Have dropped you an email, let me know if I can help :-)

  7. This is going to sound totally nuts, but Ive done it where I work twice now...

    If you FREEZE your hard drive, you may get some extra life out of it. Ive gotten 15-20 minutes out of them - might be some time to get some things?

    That being said, this is a terrible idea. Dont say I told you to do it.

    Here is an article about it.

    1. Thanks Raptor. The local IT guy has the computer so will suggest it if he still has the drive

  8. Hi there, I too had a hard-drive failure in the Autumn that trashed six months or so of gaming stuff since my last backup, so I feel your pain (and it's the major reason I haven't updated my blog in 3 months, and has caused the mothballing of at least 2 projects). My tech-guy did what he could but couldn't get anything off it. He told me that it would need to be professionally recovered (if it could be at all) and would probably cost several hundred pounds.

    One new computer later, and so far everything's OK - but I should probably sort out backing everything up again...

    1. I suggest doing it as often as possible. I know I will be now


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