Wednesday 6 February 2013

Starting to Paint Again. But YOU Decided Which Minis!

After my failed Hendybadger vs Doc Cosmos challenge, I have decided I need to crack on and get some painting done. The more experience I get the better, and I wont get any while the paints are still in the box.

But where to start?

I have the entire range of Pulp City models here. Some have been pro-painted but I want to personally paint every model they have produced one day so I will be getting doubles of the ones already done.

As I cant decide where to start, I thought I would give my readers the chance to decide instead!

The mission-
Go to the Pulp City Website (link), unless you know the range already, and pick 3 Supremes for me to paint up.
Comment below with the names and then after a week I will tally up the votes and the top 3 will hit the painting table!
I will then blog the process of trying to paint them up, schemes, what works and what doesn't.

Be nice!

Votes so far

Tritonious - 1
Vector - 1
Supreme Zed -2
Blood Rose -2
Foxxy Blade - 1
Sister Bedlam - 1
Mini Hadron -2
Captain Hadron -2
Giant Hadron -2
Apebot -2
Virus -2
Howler - 1 
Andoida - 1
Nuclear Jones - 1
Harrier - 1
Kitty Cheshire - 1 
Dr Red - 1 
Lady Cyburn - 1

(Galley Wenches choices are Giant Hadron, Harrier and Kitty)    

Here are a few examples of the range-

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. 3.4.12 They look good. Looking forward to seeing what you pick!

  2. Blood Rose, Foxxy Blade, Sister Bedlam. :)

  3. Apes!!! you know it makes sense..... Apebot, Virus and Howler

    have fun whatever you picks....


  4. Nice ideas. All votes added.

  5. Muahah! Muahahahaaaa! The power! My suggestions are based purely on the figures I really like the look of:

    Blood Rose
    Nuclear Jones

  6. Hey, Ian. Perhaps you'd like to meet up on Skype or Google Hangouts one evening to talk painting.

    1. Thanks so much for the offer. I will have to take you up on that one!

    2. Just look for "precinctomega" on Skype, or drop me an email any time. Could help with your article shortfalls, too, after the Great Crash!

    3. I will do.
      The article thing sounds interesting!


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