Thursday 28 February 2013

Tactics Documents for the new Dystopian Legions Releases

Spartan Games have recently posted some downloadable Tactic Documents for the latest Dystopian Legions releases in their blog.
You can find the original post >HERE< and I have reposted the article below.


Know Your Tactics: February

Written by Spartan Games | Tags:
Now available for download are a selection of tactical articles, each detailing how to make the most out of our recently released models for Dystopian Legions.
These describe the strengths and potential weaknesses of each model, along with the battlefield role they are best suited to, and how they can compliment your existing force.
They also give a guide on how to make successful use of the a model’s special abilities, unusual weapons and unique Game Cards.

Empire of the Blazing Sun HMG
Empire of the Blazing Sun HMG
Note: If you are using Google Chrome, you will need to Right Click > Save Link As to save the file locally for viewing.

Kingdom of Britannia Sky Hussar Section [PDF, 2MB]
  Kingdom of Britannia HMG [PDF, 2MB]
  Prussian Empire Teutonic Knight Section [PDF, 2MB]
  Prussian Empire HMG [PDF, 2MB]
  Federated States of America Wilderness Section [PDF, 2MB]
  Federated States of America HMG Section [PDF, 2MB]
  Empire of the Blazing Sun Shinobi Section [PDF, 2MB]
  Empire of the Blazing Sun HMG [PDF, 2MB]

Enjoy the articles! The next ‘Know Your Tactics’ blog will be coming in March and will detail the mighty Armoured Personnel Carriers.


Some awesome stuff in there.
What do you think of them?

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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