Sunday 10 February 2013

Pulp City Supreme Edition @ PAW 2013

As regular readers may know, we went off to PAW 2013 last weekend to dome the new Pulp City Supreme Edition.
PAW (link) is an annual 2 day gaming show put on by the Plymouth Association of Wargamers in Devon, UK.. This year was the biggest one yet with tons of games, traders and record numbers coming through the door.
Pulp City Supreme Edition (link) is the new rules edition of the super powered skirmish game. It is currently in Open Beta so head over and check it out. The PC team appreciate any and all feedback.

The original plan was to do a full report on the show taking a look at all the different games and stands but with so many people around, and only myself running the PC games and the Galley Wench running the draw, I ended up staying at our table for both days.

Several people came around to try out the new edition of Pulp City and every single one of them seemed to enjoy it. Some even coming back for another game. That's a great sign that the PC team have come up with a winner!

Instead of the planned full report, how about a load of pretty pics of awesome models and games? We all know that's much better to look at!

Model from Pulp Monsters. Painted by The Hairy Painter and the Hendybadger
Buildings by Sarissa Precision, other terrain and model bases by Fenris Games. Painted by Hendybadger
Road tiles by Fat Dragon Games
'Comic Book Noises' made by the Galley Wench
(Click any pictures to view larger)

The board layout showing the 'noises'

Selection of Pulp City Heroes to defend the Supreme Museum

The other side. The Villains gather.
The models are on the old edition cards so people can match the card to the model easily. The new rules are on the backs of them.

Birds eye view of the game board showing the streets around the Pulp City Supreme Museum

 Hellsmith and Supreme Zed enter the area.

Members of ARC (Ape Revolutionary Committee) step in to depend the museum.
Guerilla leads his tech specialist Virus and his new robotic Gorilla toy, Apebot

ARC enter the block again. This time they are backed up by the Mighty Silverager making his way through the shipping containers.

Nuclear Jones, Iron Train and Giant Hadron prepare for action.

The Heavy Metal team are joined by Dr Mercury on the flank

As Guerilla jumps up onto a caravan for a better view, Giant Hadron arrives to smash him back down through it.

Apebot has other ideas though. While avoiding a Nuclear Leak from Nuclear Jones, he tears the caravan out from under Guerilla to try and take Giant Hadron down.

On the other side of the block, Silverager and Dr Mercury face off.

With Giant Hadron in trouble, Iron Train and Nuclear Jones try and come up with a new plan of attack.

Hadron isn't in as much trouble as his team thought. Powerhouse models new get extra damage and effects (called SFX) on every 4+. This was the attack roll against Guerilla

The Villains have taken the Museum and try to defend it against an assault from the combined Heroes.

As they look up, Perun the god of thunder calls down a massive lightning storm to damage all of the Villains at once.

A combined Villain team with members from several different factions join the fight. Doom Train, Nuke, Dr Red and Loup Garou II want the artifacts.

 The Hero team of Solar, Ace of Wraiths, Silverager and Sovereign try to hold the area.

Solar tries to knock down Loup Garou with a single 'sun powered' punch. Behind them Doom Train gives cover to Dr Red and Nuke when the Heroes close in.

Silverager has had enough. Doom Train 'was' where the Batmobile now lies. Perfect shot!

More on games of Supreme Edition soon. Until then why not head over the the Pulp City Website and check it out.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Great Pictures, I love the Caravan and VW Van!!

    1. Thanks. I had to get them as soon as I spotted them.

  2. Yea, looks like a cool outing too bad you gimps are over in the UK! Props to the GW for doing the signs, they are top notch!


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