Wednesday 27 February 2013

Dystopian Legions Battlefield Objectives

Whilst some battles may be fought simply to inflict as many casualties as possible, many more are struggles over vital Objectives. Each of these Objectives are stunningly detailed markers, adding great feel and flavour to a battle. With these markers, a narrative theme to a game will naturally emerge. Now your Britannian Line Infantry can clash with Blazing Sun Ashigaru over Sturginium Cannisters and Ammo Crates, or your Teutonic Knights can defend Fuel Caches and Fallen Flags from fast moving Treadbikes.

The final release in this wave of Dystopian Legions goodies from Spartan Game is something a bit different.
Not tied to any Nation, but usable by all.

Battlefield Objectives

Even though this isn't a Nation release, the packaging is just as good. The from has a lovely colour render of one of the Objectives and lets you know what is in the box. The back has high quality renders direct from the models that show off all the little details and even tells you a little more about them.

Inside the box you will find EIGHT extremely highly details resin Objectives and a DL Collectors card.
I will split them into two sets, the larger and smaller ones, for a closer look but first there is something that really surprised me when I opened the box.

They are HUGE! When I first spotted the official picture of them I thought they were on 30mm bases. But no. All of them are 50MM bases!
Behind is 30mm, 40mm and bike bases to show how big the Objectives really are.

Back - Element 270 canisters and Fuel dump
Front - Electric generators and 'crazy' steampunk contraption?

The detail on these marker is fantastic. The cogs on the generators have several layers of detail inside them and every single thing is very sharp and crisp. They are a painters dream that will bring any game or battlefield to life. Around the edges of the items on them is a sort of blasted ground good that could tie into and gameboard quite easily
The edges of the bases might need a quick file to clean them up but the bottoms are perfectly flat.

Back - Ammo dump and Underground access
Front - Fallen flag and Officers briefcase

These four might be smaller but that doesn't mean they aren't as good as the first four. The detail is still very good and sharp and the sculpting and design is wonderful.
The one that really stood out for me in the whole box was the Officers Briefcase. On the top is an unfolded map but tucked away under that is a revolver and a small compass that even has tiny direction markings on it.

Price - These are in the Spartan Games store and several local and online stores like Troll Trader and Wayland Games (links on the right>)
At TT the box will set you back £16.20. That works out to just over £2 a base. I think its a reasonable price.
Not a 'good' price and not a 'bad' price. Reasonable. 

Overall - I do like these Objectives. The sculpts and details are very impressive and they are something you will use in almost every game. Not only Dystopian Legions either, they would fit well in several games.

8 out of 10 Badger Points!

Do you like them?

Well, that's everything from this wave of Dystopian Legions. Which are your favourites of the lot?
Keep an eye on here and the Spartan Games site for more on Dystopian Legions including the soon to be release APCS!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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