Monday 4 February 2013

Which bits do YOU like?

You may have noticed that things get swapped around and changed on this site every know and then.
This is because I am constantly trying to improve it for the readers.
Easier layouts, new ranges, helpful topics, that sort of thing.

As a little bit of personal research to help me do this in the future I have a couple of questions for the ToaTS readers.

Which were your favourite posts on here in the last couple of months?

Which were your least favourite posts on here in the last couple of months?

And to add to both of the above questions, Why?

I would love to hear your thought.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. For me, recently, it's been the posts on Dystopian Legions. For 2 main reasons. One, I'm getting into it, but have yet to play a game, so want all the second hand material and opinions I can get. Secondly, it's a new game out there, and information is sparse, but the more people like you post on it and get the word out, the better for the game.

    1. You will glad to hear that full coverage of Wave 3 will be coming soon.
      Along with battle reports, how to plays and more

  2. DL, Deep Wars and terrain articles. I am sadly not buting those games but enjoy reading about them.

    1. As I mentioned. DL wave 3 will be here soon.
      Will also have 2 fully painted forces to start some games.
      The entire Deep Wars collection will be here any day as well.
      On top of that , we have a chap doing some hand made terrain for us!


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