Friday 15 February 2013

You Have Chosen That I Will Be Painting....................

Over the last couple of weeks I have asked readers to vote for 3 Pulp City models for me to start my new attempt at painting with.

The result are in!
3 models had 3 votes and several models had 2.
To keep things interested and varied I am going to start with the top 3 that were voted for, but I have also picked 3 models from those that received 2 votes. (confused? I am!)

So, onto the picks I guess.
I will be attempting to paint-

Sister Bedlam

Blood Rose

Foxxy Blade

Lady Cyburn



Not a clue what the schemes are going to be for these (apart from Vector) until I start painting them and I will be trying a layering and maybe even blending technique instead of the basic wash and dry brush I have used up until now.

What schemes do you think would work for each one?

Wish me luck!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. They are all such nice mini's no wonder you couldn't decide, i'm tempted to get Foxy for 7TV gaming would go nice with my soul section.

    1. Foxxy is a lovely models. Would fit well in any 70s gang.

  2. IMHO

    - Sister BedLam : Classic "hero" suit, good mini to start. Helmet can be challenging

    - Blood Rose : good also to start ... not so difficult, details will help you

    - Foxxy : Care about this one ... simple and clean are difficult to obtain. This is a trap

    - Lady Cyburn : I beleive you should begin ... challenging in order to obtain highlight after classic works

    - Vector : Dont do it until you control highlight or have something which create good "artificial" light

    - Tritonius : I hate the mini ..

    1. Really sorry, somehow I missed this comment.

      Thanks for the tips.
      What do you mean by artificial light?
      What do you hate about Tritonious?


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