Sunday 20 December 2015

The Spider-Man Miniature Game. What is it?

So, what is the Spider-Man Miniature Game?

The Spider-Man Miniature Game (or SMG) is a new release from Knight Models.

The game is 'skirmish' level which means you are only ever going to be playing with about 3-10 models a side. Quick and easy to pick the models up and get them ready for some games.
The victory conditions also make for interesting games as they work on scenarios and objectives. So even if you lose your main 'supers' you can still be in with a chance of claiming the game.

The rules are more of an extension for the Batman Miniature Game then a full set of rules. You WILL need the Batman rules to play but they are altered a little with a free download HERE which changes the objectives and adds some new Traits.

Based in the Marvel comics universe, the SMG focuses on the lower and street level Heroes and Villans and they people that back them up.
You get to play as Spiderman, Green Goblin, Punisher and more while others support them like Goblin Henchmen, SHIELD agents or Hydra goons.

Once you have you Heroes, Villains and Support, you will need a play to play them.
A 3 foot x 3 foot board with a range of terrain will give you the best games. You could theme this as the streets of New York, a villains hideaway, Spider Island or anything you want your teams to fight over. But, it will need multiple levels and heights. Without them, what is the Goblin going to fly around or Spidey going to climb and swing from?

Talking of flying and climbing, that is one of the best features of the game. Every model comes with a stat card that has it's own skills and abilities on. Action Counters can be 'spent' on the card to make them pull off some very characterful and cinematic feats like use  the Green Goblins pumpkin bombs while flying past or dodging them with Spidey's Spider Sense.

I hope this has helped a little bit for those that want to know more about the game.
If you have any quesions, just drop them in the comments below.

Next, we will have a look a at the rules and some of the Traits.
- Hendybadger


  1. Probably the biggest question I have on the expansion is that if it allows crossover games ie. DC vs Marvel gangs?

    I'd also like to see how each of the four Marvel factions will expand (Hydra especially!). I'd be dead chuffed with some Hydra goons.

    1. Not sure on cross over yet. Would need to try some games and see if they are balanced against each other.
      I'm sure we will see some classic Hydra goons though. I want Bob!

    2. My Marvel likes are mostly limited to a few particular comic runs rather than the entire company as a whole. I really enjoyed Superior Spider-Man so if I got into the SMG I would hope to still be able to play against the small BMG scene at my local club.

    3. It's worth a shot. See how they play out against each other.

    4. It would probably be better to get into BMG again first, hopefully by then the SMG range will of expanded.

    5. Yeah, I expect in 6 months there will be a decent amount of Spidey.

  2. i love the gang thing, but will i be able to play as hulk? perhaps as a one man gang?

    1. Not sure what will be added yet. I expect it will stay with lower power levels to start with.


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