Tuesday 22 December 2015

Spider-Man Miniature Game - Building a Team

Today I am going to take a look at how to build a team for the Spider-Man Minis Game from Knight Models.
So you don't buy loads of models and find out they don't work together, Knight have ALL of the Stat Cards available to download from their website and all characters are listed in our 'Who works with Who' post. This will let you work out your exact crew and then go and buy the models you want.

To start off, games and teams are worked out in REPUTATION (points).
A standard Spiderman game is set at 500 Reputation.
All picks must have the same Affiliation, like Goblin Cult, or be Unknown.

As well as the Reputation, you get $$$ to spend. $500 for every 150 Rep or part there of.
Some models come with a $$$ cost included for the gear they carry which is taken from your $500 per 150 Rep, anything left can be spent on extra equipment.

The other main limitation is for Free Agents. You can take one of those for every full 150 Rep
These limits can NOT be exceeded!

For example-
In a 500 Rep game you get $2000 to spend and can include up to 3 Free Agents.

There are a couple of rules that can tweak this.
Lord of Business gives you an extra $500 to spend and Charismatic lets you take a Free Agent for every 100 Rep instead of the usual 150.

Lets take a look at the different types of models you can choose to take over the streets of the Marvel Universe. I will use the Spiderman Affiliation which includes most special rules.

These are the big guys. Often the highest Rep of your crew, they are also the most skilled and dangerous. You can only take one Leader per crew.

These are the helpers and / or lesser skilled Heroes and Villains.
If you have a Leader in your crew, you can also take 1 Sidekick. OR, you can choose not to take a Leader and have up to two Sidekicks instead.

As I stated above, you can take up to 1 Free Agent per 150 Rep. You DO still need to pay the Rep and $$$ costs on their cards though.
Some Free Agents work for certain crews, like Punisher with Affiliation Spiderman / Shield, but most are Affiliation Unknown meaning they can work with anyone. Some also include the Hates rule that stops they being taken with the named crew.

Some models have the Affinity (name) rule. This lets them bypass several crew building rules and be taken alongside the named character in a different Crew as a Free Agent.
Spiderman is a Leader with Affiliation Spiderman. BUT, he also has Affinity (SHIELD). This means he drops his Leader and Affiliation Spiderman rules and becomes a Free Agent in a SHIELD team. Normal Free Agent limits still apply.

The rest of your team will be filled with Henchmen. You can only take one of each named Henchman. For example, you can only ever have one Spiderling 023, one Spiderling 035 and one Spiderling 04.

Henchmen without a name are also known as Minions and are marked with a * after the word Henchmen. If you want, you can take multiples of these in a crew. Up to 3 of each type.

Each team will have an equipment list to use your extra $$$ on. Only Henchmen can take equipment and only one of each item per Henchmen up to the item and $$$ limits.
More on these soon......

Lets make an example crew using as much of this as we can at the moment.

Spiderman Team. 500 Rep, $2000. Up to 3 Free Agents.

Superior Spiderman - 180 Rep, $0

Daredevil - 110 Rep, $0

Free Agent
Punisher - 90 Rep, $500

Spiderling 023 - 40 Rep, $400
Spiderling 04 - 30 Rep, $400
Spiderling 035 - 30 Rep, $300

Minions / Henchmen*
Spider-bots - 10 Rep, $0
Spider-bots - 10 Rep, $0

500 Reputation, $1600.
$400 left to spend on Henchmen equipment.

OK, I know that seems like a lot to pick up and take in, but it's easier than it looks.
Download some cards from the Knight Models Page, try making a crew and see how it goes.

Feel free to post ANY questions you have in the comments.

- Hendybadger


  1. Again with a partial 150 rep allowing extra cash to be taken? Why not set the game size st 450rep so the cash limit isn't imbalanced against the rep? Seems silly to have the rules and then recommend a game size that isn't a multiple of 150. I've never understood why they do it with the 350 rep for Batman tournaments and it seems the same here. Any ideas behind the thought process?

    1. Honestly? Not a clue!
      I prefer 300 Rep Batman as you have to make tough calls on crew selection and can't have everything.

    2. Agreed. I think game sizes of 200, 250 and 300 rep work VERY well for Batman. If I were able to get the models for the Spider-Man / Marvel game I'd be strongly inclined to try things out at 450rep instead. Making those hard choices while crew building is part of the game I think.

      Not everyone agrees with me of course...but in this case they should. :P

      Happy Holidays!

    3. I think that's a good idea. Spider at 450 could be fun.

  2. Is it compatible with Batman Miniature Game?

    1. Unknown at the moment. Will try when it arrives. Looks to be from the rules.


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